Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bit Of History...

The summer before my senior year of high school played out like that song, "Jack and Diane".

"Hold on to 16 just as long as you can, changes comin' 'round real soon to make us women and men."

I was 17 and looking at the future with a boy that didn't finish high school or dump him a go away to college.
I didn't really see myself livin' the rest of my life with EarlLee. I mulled over TexasA&M, University of Colorado, and OklahomaState.
If I stayed in the state, EarlLee would follow me. I didn't really want that.
He was fun to fool around with but not my dream husband by any means.
And all the makin' love in the green grass, caught up to me. I was pregnant.
I took college off the table.
My mom suggest abortion.
EarlLee's dad didn't think his son should feel obligated.
But we did what we thought was the right thing to do, which was marry and raise our baby together.
I was willin' to follow EarlLee to where ever he could find a job.

That was Southern Oklahoma.

He would not live up to his promises.
He would not keep a job.
He would leave me at home and run all over town. I refused to load up EdithAnne in car seat and drag main.
I didn't have any friends. They would not let me in their little groups.
My family lived 250 away. His family was hateful to me.
I was miserable.
We fought like 2 cats in a bag!
I was not a battered woman by any means. I will not tolerate that sorta thing.
And EarlLee knew if he ever raised a hand to me, he would never live to brag about it to anyone.
We were fightin' once, in the bedroom, I got up to leave the walk it off.
He asked me where I thought I was goin', "I'm goin' to get the butcher knife to kill you and cut you up into little bitty pieces and stuff your dumbass down the garbage disposal!"
He locked me outta the room.
He brought home a gun once. It was for my protection becuz he was a trucker and was gone for a weeks at a time....if I was lucky.
I didn't want it in the house. I had little kids in and out of my house all the time I didn't want them to find it.
No. It Had To Go.
He wanted to keep it. So I summed it all up for him, "If you don't get rid of that gun ASAP, we'll get into one of those fights that we have and I'll just have to shoot you with it!"
He got rid of the gun.

For 11 years I struggled with him to take care of his responsibilities and he could not do it.
I tried to go to college once. To better our life, so I struck a bargain with him. If he drove long haul for 4 years while I went to college, he could come home and work local. He agreed.
I managed to get 33 credits hours before we lost our house becuz he would not work while I went to school.
Every time I asked him, "it's time to enroll, are you gonna keep up your end and work? Becuz if you're not, I'll stop going to school and go back to work." and EveryTime, he said to go to school.
And we lost our house... and we moved back to the Tulsa area.

When his evil grandmother died he could go alone! That woman blamed me for EarlLee's problems! He needed help to support his family.
He asked her once to take him to a job interview and she said no she was too busy. I had to take him to Oklahoma City...40 miles away...and make it back for my 9am class.
She gave me a book once, I have forgotten the title of it. I only glance at it once. She was so proud of her gift. It was a book on how to be a good submissive wife and to be all good with God. I smiled and said thank you.
I was raised right.
And then walked over to the trash can and dropped it in....Bitch!
I was not goin' back!

And that's just scratchin' the surface.
That's not tellin' you about the affairs....his. There were many.

I've been back down south of I40 several times since I made my vow... but not to the EvilGrandmother's funeral!! They won't tell me where the old bat is buried, they know I'll go dance on her grave!

So yes EdithAnne, has to ask if I can tolerate her daddy for one afternoon.


Gina (Mannyed) said...

If you make your life into a movie, I promise I will watch it over and over! I get sucked into your stories! Waiting for the next installment. Dying to know if Earl came out of this latest visit alive. Hehe.

MizAngie said...

Grandson is WAY more important than the ex. It's just how it is, because you were raised right.

Sherrie said...

I just hope you had a nice time!


Katy said...

I'm like Gina--this stuff has me hooked!