Saturday, March 06, 2010

Betty BadAss...Part 2

The Dumb Bitch!!
Bub's 2nd wife is a dumb bitch.

She and I hate each other. From the first time in like 1993, when she put onions in a dish on the side of the salad to openin' the fridge with the power off this last Christmas....she has felt the wrath. The little things that torque my gears, she has done it!
We grew up with the notion that if you don't like onions in the salad, you pick them out. Other people at the table like them.
You do not stand in front of the icebox with the door open any longer than to reach in and get what you need. You DO NOT stand there and gawk at everything in there.
Oh she tries to take me on. She always fails.
She throws a zinger at me, I field it right back.
I don't care that she's disrespectful to me. But she's disrespectful my granny!
And that shit don't fly!
And not only is she lippy but she steals.
Granny can't find something, TheDumbBitch has taken it.
When RubyJune "lost" her high dollar camera, TheDumbBitch found it.
And there are all sorts of things I can list, but you get the point.
And what really pisses me off, is she has my grandpa buffalo'd. He thinks she is the most hard workin' and honest person. He had a problem once with some member of his family, Brother InLaw or something. I don't know the ins and outs of it but the things that sticks in my mind is "I don't deal with liars and thieves."
At Christmas when I had a complete melt down with him when he defended her, sayin' she's such a great person, I said, "Grandpa, You don't deal with liars and thieves! And she's both!"
He just sat there like I was some sorta lunatic.
So you know that this woman will never measure up with me.

And my brother married the dumb bitch!
She ran off his kids.
She's hateful to his family.
Oh boy! She's a keeper!!

But I'm Betty BadAss. All anyone has to say, "Sis is comin' for dinner." and the dumb bitch doesn't show up. Ever.

For those that are way too young and might not know this tidbit...Ice boxes=Refridgators. My grandparents come from an era that actually had blocks of ice to keep food cool, so the term carried over into my generation. My G&G were energy saver way before it was fashionable to be "Green".


MizAngie said...

The other day I said "fillin' station" and people made fun of me. Uh?!? At our house we call it icebox or fridge. And I can remember getting yelled at if I stood with the door open too long, as if the ice would melt. "Shut the damn door, you're gonna make the milk curdle!"

Good times...

♥Georgie♥ said...

I LOVE yung-ins!!!

Prairiemaid said...

I was always asked if I was trying to cool the whole town. I learned to shut the icebox door.;-)