Thursday, March 04, 2010

Betty BadAss...

My brother is not one of my most favorite people. He is even more self-centered than I am!
I'da traded him straight up a BabySister before I actually got one. RubyJune totally fit the bill! But he's my brother just the same. I've fought some fights for him when he needed....and when he didn't.
I opened my home up to him when his mother turned him out.
Seriously! She had his stuffed packed the day after he graduated!!
RubyJune is his favorite sister. I know this becuz He introduces us as "The Fun One and The Bitchy One".
I'm the bitchy one ...It's a badge of honor that I wear proudly.

He never had a steady girlfriend in school. The girl we all liked, he quit datin'.
The one he finally settled on and had two children with was a bit backward by our standards. And she wasn't the best homemaker, or cook, and she did things that we didn't approve of....I say we, Me and RubyJune.

His Wife pissed me off one day and I told him that he should pack her shit in garbage bags and put her lazy ass on a greyhound and send her back to her podunk town she came from!
She wasn't happy about that!
Since I was her babysitter while she finished school, she hurt me the only way she could. She made Bub take BubJr to Her Sister!!!
And that made me cry. I love BubJr!!
Which pissed off RubyJune! You don't make her sissy cry!
And she cried to Mom! Bub will do anything his momma says!
Mom rimmed him out, "You go get that baby and take him back to your sister right now! Don't you ever make your sisters cry!"
And he did.

What His wife wanted was Tough Shit!
The Sisters Come First!
He wasn't gettin' any more sisters!
Nor are we gettin' any more Bubbas either. We stick together!
I told my exhub, "RubyJune comes first. You however, can be replaced. I can't replace HER!"
And he was replaced.

RubyJune hated that Bub's wife wore HIS letter jacket.
He had earned that jacket being a left guard, it was his. Not for her to wear.
He wore it in the middle of August to have his class photo taken in the middle of the football field for the year book, he was so proud of it! Everyone else was in shorts and sandals and there was Bub in that letter jacket.
RubyJune stole it and told Bub his wife lost it!
His Wife was so scatterbrained she thought she had really lost it when the dust settled.
But I had it.
I moved 4 times with his help. And I had to move the jacket around in secret to keep him from seein' it.
After he finally saw the light and packed her shit in garbage bags and put her on a greyhound back to podunk, I gave it back to him for Christmas. He was so happy to have it back, he didn't care we took it. He was just thrilled to have his letter jacket back after 5 years!!

I have since apologized to his Now ExWife. We were mean to her.
I have not fussed up my part in hidin' the jacket. I haven't grown up that much!

His current wife....the one he recently married and announced it on Facebook....the dumb bitch....well. She's a trip.


MizAngie said...

Are you sure you would ever like anybody Bub hooked up with?

Katy said...

Ooooh. . . Angie asks a good question.

I am very blessed--I have liked all the the SILs I've had so far!