Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Careful Of What You Wish For...

It wasn't too long after Roy and I married that we started lookin' for a house to buy. We had limits. Jobs limits, Cost limits, and School limits.
Roy could be 25 miles from his assigned area and Our Current livin' situation was in the limit and the girls' school.
But the amount we could afford to pay for a home wasn't in theh right school district!
We searched all over and found an old farmhouse on a hill overlookin' a valley.
I fell in love with it the second I saw the kitchen. It is huge!! The cabinets were made from actual wood and particle board!! I wasn't crazy about the floorin' but in time I could change it.
Being a typical old house built in the 1800s the was a core center, 4 rooms, and over the years the house has been added on to here and there. The stairs are hidden and has a door that leads up a narrow staircase....and as I have told you in the past, I have fell down them!! They are slick!! The upstairs rooms, the floors sag. Big Time!! I could place a pencil on the edge of a room and would roll to the center....and they were springy. It was like walkin' on a trampoline.
Roy was not as in love with my dream house as I was.
The first thing he did was level one of the rooms' floor....which meant he had to tear out the ceilin' in the livin' room. It was a mess!! There were dead things in the walls!!!
Dirt and wasp nest was thick. But he had to level that floor, we had a water bed!!
Can you imagine if that sucker had fell thru the ceilin'??!
Another thing Roy found was old wirin'! Who knows when that was put in the house? We kept trippin' the breakers. There was only4 to do the whole freakin' house.
He added more lines and more plug in for the upstairs while the ceilin' was out. Roy can do carpentry work, but electrical... not so much.
One of our many trips to the electrical supply store, Roy told the man what he wanted and asked him all kinds of questions about runnin' the wirin'. The man said, "Sir, I really think, you call this man," and slides a business card to him, "to have your house wired. I do not want you to kill yourself."
Roy told that callin' that man wouldn't be necessary he could do it.
But when I keep gettin' shocked when I used the dryer, he called someone to come in and fix it.
In later years he leveled up the second room, which meant the other end of the livin' room's ceilin' had to be torn out....which lead to the discovery of termite damage from maybe the 50s?
He replaced a window which meant a wall in the livin' room had to be torn out...which lead to the discovery of a hole in the wall that was as big as a basketball!! The only thing keepin' critters from the outside from comin' inside was the crappy sidin'!!! And no insulation to keep out the cold.
So to add insulation...all the walls had to come down....more dirt and more dead things.
And more electrical wirin' and more plug ins...and light switches.
What is it with old houses and the lack of light switches???? and they are NEVER in the right place!!
I have to walk across the kitchen in the dark to the light switch when I come in the backdoor to turn the light on and trippin' over cats the whole way!!

Every time we did some simple repair it turned into a huge freakin' deal!!!
And I don't even have my claw footed bath tub yet!!!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

Wow that sounds nightmarish. I live in an old house too, not nearly as old as yours, but I can relate that when one thing needs to be fixed it turns into a long drawn out project.

MizAngie said...

I fantasize all the time about what I'd like to have done to my old house. I think mine was built 1930ish. It's so frickin' expensive!!!

Katy said...

Getting fancy over here! You've got a bar at the top and everything.

I dreamed of living in an old house, but we didn't think reno would work with a tiny, brain-damaged baby. Our house is faux old. I'ts in an old neighborhood and surrounded by old houses, but it's really from the the 1980s.