Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Chapter In The Saga Of Eddie And Loretta...

Like sands thru an hourglass, so goes the days of lives..... Or shit thru a goose.

So as Roy and I are drivin' away from Eddie and Loretta's house the night of the huge CragLegFiasco, Roy was sadden by the fact that he saw Eddie for the fuckin' asshole that he is, while I was doin' double back flips!!!
No more pickin' the restuarants.
No more pickin' the movies.
No more pickin' the dates we go to Branson.
No more plannin' OUR LIVES!!!!
I am done!
If I have to leave Loretta alone to be rid of be it.

I got to go out to eat and I PICKED THE RESTUARANT!!!!!!! And food tasted better. The margaritas tasted better.
I was in heaven.

Roy was sick.

The shit hit the fan on Tuesday and by Friday, Roy was thinkin' up ways to make amends. It didn't matter that I was adament about cuttin' the EddieCancer from my life. By the time CrabLegNight rolled back around, Roy had invited them out to eat....again!
And told them HE WOULD PAY!!!!!
I was so ticked off, I took my happy pill before we left the house. I was shakin', I was so keyed up. I was about to burst into tears over it all. I got the speech to behave and that I didn't have say anything to Eddie.
WHAT THE HELL??!!! I hardly ever say anything to him as it is or even look at him.
Sooo...Why do I feel like I'm the one that did something wrong??
After chokin' down crab... and crow... we spent $150 to maintain our "friendship" and be fuckin' happy about it!!!

So Eddie and Loretta think all is fine.They are just as happy as two pigs in shit. So much so that we were once again invited to out to eat, in a fuckin' blizzard to eat at a restuarant that Eddie picked out and went to see a movie that Eddie picked out!!!! Which was shitty!
Not Alice in Wonderland, in 3d.
Not the lastest Twilight movie.
But CopFuckin'Out!!!

I have been ganged up my best friend and my husband to force Eddie on me.

Roy owes me... Big Time!!


Katy said...

Oh yes he does because that is NO GOOD! You need shoes! Or a purse! Or both!

Anonymous said...

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Gina (Mannyed) said...

I know that had to be a tough pill to swallow. But if treated them out for dinner (very generous, btw) made Roy feel better - well than that's money well spent. Now that you all made "eace" - maybe you and Roy could distance yourselves from them for a bit? A little break to save your sanity?

♥Georgie♥ said...

I'll be your friend and you dont even gotta buy me dinner and I'll see what ever movie you want...when it comes out on dvd LOL...oh wait we already are friends-just kindasortalongdistance friends

MizAngie said...

GRRRRR. That ain't right.

Sherrie said...

We have "friends" we're having issues with, I've found myself trying to put distance between us. Sometimes, it's alot easier said than done ~sigh~