Friday, March 12, 2010

And We Laughed Our HappyAsses Off...

So I loaded up EdithAnne and my grandson and headed south. We just chatted and laughed the whole's a longass drive!
An hour from my house to EdithAnne's.
3 from EdithAnn's to EudoraMae's... it's a longass drive that I've made 1000times.

So as we were zippin' down the hwy, I saw the sign for the Creek Turnpike.
One way goes to Broken the right. Which makes no sense to me....Broken Arrow is East which is to my left!
And one way goes to the left. Which makes no sense to me.... Okmulgee is west which is to my right!
I want to go to Okmulgee.
And becuz I have a touch of Dyslexia... And NOTHING makes sense...Guess which way I went?

Georgie! I was that close to Broken Arrow!!!
And we just laughed and laughed.

Once we got to EudoraMae's we all loaded up to go to my ExHub's Ada. I haven't been in Ada in 6years. It has changed a lot!!
So I followed EudoraMae to Walmart so she could pick up her cake.
She was in there forever!!
And EdithAnne Being Ever So EdithAnne said, "Is that her car leaving?"
What? There was no way to catch her, so we decided we'd just go to EarlLee's. "EdithAnne, do you know how to get there?"
She's been there right? She should know Where It Is??

She knows landmarks. And I guess she just thought we'd drive around 'til she sees something she
We just laughed and laughed.
She finally had to call her StepMonster to find out where to go...on my phone.

Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnn.....
The last time EdithAnne used my phone to call her StepMonster, she answered the phone like I was callin' and she was dreadin' whatever I had to I've jumped all over her.
I haven't!

So EdithAnne says, "It's me. EdithAnne. How do I get to your house?"
We laughed some more.
"Is EudoraMae there?"
Nope. She was STILL at Walmart!!
We just laughed some more.

And we laughed our HappyAsses right to EarlLee's house.


Gina (Mannyed) said...

I know what your stories remind me of! It reminds me of Fried Green Tomatos! Not for the content, but I feel like I could be in your kitchen hanging out with Manny Moe listening to your stories! I'm instantly transported to Oklahoma!

Katy said...

This is a little off-topic, but I know you give everyone on your blog psydoneums (or however you spell that). Can you explain your daughters? Or are those their real names?

♥Georgie♥ said...

I can not believe you were so close to me!!!! you so shoulda went right then i coulda laughed and laughed with you both!