Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So Spoiled...

On the way home, after buyin' him a coat, I asked him if this new coat goes on the list.
"What list?"
Oh Shit.
I didn't tell him about the BoyStuff Vs GirlStuff List.

So I told him about the division of the wealth.

"That's not fair. You always come out ahead."
Mockin' me he says," 'Oh Honey look it shiney buy that for me.'"
He mimics my gasp, "'It's pink, couldn't you just die!' You always come out ahead."

So true...I'm Spoiled. I'm carried around on a pink satin goose down pillow so that my feet do not touch the ground where mere mortals tread, and am lavished with pretty sparkly things.
But just the same, we're keepin' track.

"I know that, But OurBestFriend does not. She always gets the short end of the shit stick."

"True. It won't help."


No, we haven't heard back from the job interview....It's been a week.


Becca said...

Hey I am spoiled too, and have absolutely no problem with it!

I wish he would hear on the job..

Katy said...

Somebody's gotta be the spoiled one!