Friday, February 19, 2010

Nadine'sTravelin' Pants...

Last Saturday was PeeWeeGame Day. Roy said, "let's go eat breakfast before we go to the gym."
High Five!
This Girl's Gettin' Pancakes!!
So I dressed for a day of basketball and fun. I put on my favorite jeans and my pink hoodie that 3 sizes too big. Love that hoodie!!
My favorite pair of jeans are a pair I bought at my favorite resale shop, so they're worn...but gently....before me.
When I bought them I stopped wearing my precious Levi's. I love Levi's, so you know these are very good jeans! The brand is some off brand from either DressBarn or Cato or something...doesn't matter....I love them. They fit no matter how fat I get. When I was super fat they fit like a glove and I could still function...and most importantly still eat. They fit perfectly when I was only a bit fat. They fit just so, that I had to pull them up every once in a while. Never once did these wonderful jeans ever show a muffin top...that I could see.

Perfect, they are....were.

Roy and I had breakfast at 8am and then went to watch Eddy and Loretta's kids play basketball and we didn't return home until 4ish.

As some of you know, I'm only 4 foot 11inches tall.
My inseam is 30 inches...and that's stretchin' it.
Roy drives a 4x4 Toyota. I need a runnin' board or step stool to get in the damn thing.
But no. I hafta hop up in it. It looks odd I'm sure becuz I have my left leg hitched up in the air with my left butt cheek on the seat and jump off my right foot and land in the seat. All in one smooth move. I've jumped too hard once or twice and bashed my head on the cab...that smarts!
And it's really quite a show when I wearin' a skirt.

On GameDay, I musta jump in and out that damn truck 4 or 5 times.

So later that night, I was in the bathroom doin' who knows what with my back to Roy when he says, "Do you have a pink patch in jeans?"

I do not!
I have a 6 inch rip in the back of my favorite pair of jeans!!!!
Right along the pocket!!
He was lookin' at my panties!!!

I was mad.
I was mortified.
I wanted to cry.
I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.
I had been up and down bleachers for bathroom runs, for concession runs, for everything, paradin' my bad self ALL OVER the frickin' county.... and my butt was showin'!!!!

Yes. My boobs are on display.
And they have peeked and said hello...numerous times.
But my Butt.
It's NEVER been the daylight!

Guess when I felt them rip?
After breakfast... When I lifted my leg up to hop up in truck.
The only thought that went thru my head was "that's odd" and went on with my day.

Roy said, "well your hoodie is so big maybe nobody noticed."
I can only hope.


Katy said...

If you love them that much maybe you should see if they can be repaired.

♥Georgie♥ said... complete me! oh sorry bout your jeans but dang that was funny!

Sherrie said...

Or maybe numerous people took pictures of it with their cell phones and posted them on facebook :)

Oh I know, I'm mean to the bone!

Love ya!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Bummer!!!!! Hopefully they can be fixed! I hate when I have to put my favorite piece of clothing out to pasture.