Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Industry Standards, Quality Control, and Patches...

I decided to go shoppin' for a new pair of jeans...well...not really new. I went to the resale shop. I spent 2 hours in that shop going thru purses, shoes, coats, sweaters, and jeans! I found some pretty good things!

I found a Louis V hand bag! It had seen better days!
And it looked like someone had tried to repair the leather work. It was worn out!
I musta look that bag over for 5 minutes!!!
Real or Fake. It didn't have a China Tag!!
How can I patch it up?
It was just all wrong.... Like it came from the Defective Shop at LV....It didn't pass quality control or something.
Was it worth $12.95!!
I set it on top of the rack, so that when I was across the room I could look up at it and think, "should I buy it or let it stay for another?"

It stayed for another....though I looked up at 15 times!

I found a pair of jeans that fit the bill.... "boyfriend" jeans....straight leg with 5 pockets...size 14. They were stretch jeans. I buy stretch jeans bigger than I normally wear becuz of the shrinkage involved. If I don't they feel like leggin's and shows off every curves and fat roll. So I took the pair to the dressin' room to try on.
I got them just over my hips when my thighs squealed, "What the Hell are You doing to Us??!?!!"
Apparently 14 in Poland is not what 14 in China is....Standards People!!!
We must have Standards and Quality Control!!!

I put them back on the rack for some size 10 gal to rock the world with them.

I felt like shit after that. Though not my fault, I still took it to heart!
All my hardwork meant nothing! I'm still sqeezin' in 14's!!

So yes, I will be repairin' my old reliable magical jeans...with a pink patch on the ass!!

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Vickie said...

Hi Nadine,
Of course you could have just said, why yes that is a pink patch. Then you would not have to mend the jeans. Good luck with the search. peace