Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Eruption Of Mount Loretta...Part 2

Patience, Miss Thystle.
And Of Course Gina, There is always more.
My story are long winded and I don't want to lose anyone in tellin' it.

I love love rub a dub love those cheddar biscuits!!!

It's just my opinion but I feel that children are so spoiled now that they do not know what a treat it is to EAT OUT!
They eat out all the time.
The True Treat is eatin' at home....home cookin' is rare!
Go Figure.
When I was a kid, Daddy only took us out to eat maybe every other month and that was to eat at Pizza Hut. It was a treat. We loved it.
Granny didn't stop by KFC and buy a bucket and sides. She fried it up herself and made all the trimmin's to go with it. We ate at the table and listened to Grandpa tell stories of how his day went. We didn't fuss about what was served, except when there was liver and onions, we ate it. It didn't have to be 4 different meals. We ate what we were given.
And thank all that is Good and Holy about Granny that she made hamburger patties on liver and onion night!!
The first time I ate at Red Lobster, I was pregnant with my first child!
It was at Christmas!! It was a treat!!
The HappyKids have no concept of what a true treat it is to be taken out to eat becuz they eat out all the time.
It's their parents' fault....totally!

Back at the HappyHome, the conversation between Eddy and Loretta went like this...
Loretta: "I want to go out to eat."
Eddy: "Where do you want to go?"
Loretta: "Red Lobster."
Eddy: " Are we takin' the kids? I'm sure they would like to eat there too."

What the Hell???
Remember that comes back to haunt us!

Loretta says, "That will be fine. I don't mind the kids comin'."

So we all load up and go to Red Lobster.
Roy and I sit on one side of the big round table, with Loretta and Eddy to my right and the kids all around the rest of the table with the BoyChild to Roy's left....Roy needs to learn to sit where he can hear the adults...that's where the action is!!

The waitress comes over and takes the drink order and Roy starts in with his usual jokin' banter with her....she didn't miss a step and joked right back with him. I tip really well becuz of it. I figure they deserve extra for puttin' up with him.
One of the GirlKids orders a RootBeer....Remember that too.
Now that we've all had time to look at the menu, which to me is a bit redundant becuz we all know EXACTLY what we want....except the children.
"I want a hamburger."
"They do not have burgers here."
"Then why did we come here."
"I wish I'd stayed with grandma!"
"Me too."...and it went on like that for about 3 more minutes. That fussin' that kids do becuz they ARE NOT GETTIN' THEIR WAY!

When Eddy, Stupid Man That He Is Says, "And this is why we don't eat here. They do not have anything on the menu that the kids will eat."

And that was all she wrote.
Katy, bar the door.
Get Back Loretta!
Thar She Blows!!

Mount Loretta Erupted.


Becca said...

OMG do tell...I want all the gory details!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

oh this is getting good!!!!

So true, I remember how ECSTATIC my brothers and I got our parents took us out for eat. It was the best treat! Even if we were just going to McDonald's!

MizAngie said...

He set her up...

♥Georgie♥ said...

OMGOMGOMGosh...going on to pppart 3 now