Monday, February 15, 2010

Cats, Pregnancy, And Scars...

I was pregnant when I was 17 with my first child.
It was awful to go thru all that being 17, newly married to a man that I really wasn't sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and school, when my father died unexpectedly. I was a daddy's girl. I was stressed beyond comprehension.
One of my cousins told to not stop eatin'... and I didn't!
I ate everything I could get my hands on and gained 50 pounds in no time.
I had to quit school and had a tutor.
We moved back home to be with my family....mostly becuz EarlLee couldn't keep a job.
I laid around in a recliner 90% of the time.
People constantly told me that the way I was carryin' the baby I was gonna have a boy. I don't want a boy!! UGH!!
I was depressed about that and would sit down with a gallon of milk and a bag of Pecan Sandies.
The ultra sound was done. The nurse said, "It looks like a girl but I wouldn't bank on that." Great.
A huge bowl of guacamole and chips was in order.
And then back to my recliner.
We had a couple of dogs and a cat that would crawl up on my lap and we'd all go to sleep. I musta been castin' off good warm vibs....becuz my dog Jake was on one side and my sister's dog Missy was on the other with the cat was on my belly.
EarlLee Hated Jake. Jake had been a Valentine's Day gift from the beau before him.

I didn't go into labor in a natural way, they had to induce labor becuz they thought that I had carried the baby long enough....44 weeks.
I felt like I was carryin' a baby elephant!!
I was as big as an elephant!!

My mother, doing one the BEST things for me that she had ever done, was with me when my daughter, EdithAnne was born.
We were thrilled.....she whispered in my ear something I'll share later.

We were lookin' EdithAnne over to make sure she was a girl....and perfect. I noticed a "strawberry" on her side. It was nothing. She still has it to this day.
My mom left the delivery room to go tell EarlLee about his baby girl.
And she didn't leave out the fact that there was a "strawberry" on her side, she told him it looked like a paw print! "Probably from steppin' all over Nadine's Belly!"
"I'll Kill That Dog!!" he said.



Katy said...

Am I friends with Gina on Facebook? Now I dont' know! I'm excited for her, though! Going to go check on this. . . .

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Aww, thanks Nadine! My mom got sucha kick about when she read Cyber Aunt! But it's true! I love that the Strawberry was like a lil paw print! Too cute!

Tracie said...

Aw that's nice for your friend Gina and thanks for the story!