Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bulls, TapDancin', and Roy...

Remember this.....The BigRedBull Story?? You should be able to click that link but you know me. It's more likely to not work.
But anyway, You know about that monster bull that lives next door....

So last Saturday, Loretta called me to go over the menu for the SuperBowl Get-Together and as I talked to her, I was casually walkin' thru the house. I can hear that bull. But I don't really pay him no mind....That bull bellows all the time...and really that's not how I would say that, but The SpellNazzzzi would be more me, that bull bellers...see. She cringed.
I love you, Susan!
So anyway, he's always out there makin' that GodAwful noise, callin' that BigBlackBull across the road, when I glanced out the front door. The BigRedBull is standin' in the corner of His pasture, pawin' the ground. My eyes naturally go to him. He's huge!
And when he's riled up, You Will Take Notice!!

And then I saw Roy. He was stopped dead in his tracks 20 feet from the BigRedBull!!

In a matter of a few seconds, my brain went from cheese dip and sandwiches to the BigRedBull to "OH SHIT MY HUSBAND'S FIXIN'TA DIE!!!"
And that's what came out of my mouth!

Becuz just at that instant that BigRedBull went to TapDancin' and slingin' his head back and forth.
If you've ever seen a BigRedBull TapDance, You'd have a whole new respect for bulls. It's impressive.
Roy was fixin'ta die and I was gonna watch the whole thing!!

Roy knew he was fixin'ta die and he slowly backed away!!

The BigRedBull stopped TapDancin' and took off runnin' down the fence line and Roy was in the back door!!

For some reason, that flimsy barbed wired fence keep that BigRedBull on his side. If he truly wanted to kill Roy, he'd come thru it like it was nothing!! I tried to get video of the two bulls but it's dark and I do not have a steady made me sick lookin' at what I got. The last thing I need is to make people sick in the cubicles...ICK!
I have a photo of Roy pettin' that bad boy...but couldn't find it. I don't know what gets in That Man's mind!!! I've been told to keep my Roy.
That BigRedBull Growls at Me....I'm peein' my pants!!!


JQ Brat said...

I love you too Nadine!

Katy said...


We had this short little fence that used to keep Buster in--he can jump so high he definitely could have cleared it, but he didn't know that.

♥Georgie♥ said... are soooo funny which is why I can say CONGRATS on your Okie humor blog nom!!!!

I am so glad Roy did not die!!!!

MizAngie said...

Bulls ARE scary when they start doin' that. You typed bellows but I read bellers...