Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 Things That Make Me Wanna Shout...

Some Serious Shoutin'!!
As In Come the Fuck On!!!

1) People that do not know Right on Red!!!
People, you stop first. It is a red light.
And then if the road is clear you may proceed to make your right turn.
Whether you be a born and breed Okie or you imported here, you took the same flippin' drivin' test that I did.
We read the same frickin' manual.
Right on Red!!
Come The Fuck On!!!
Right On Red!!!!

Okay, funny story.... I stupidly went with my grandparents to California in 2005. It. Was. Hell.
Some where in California, we needed to stop for relief and food. We only stopped when Granny or Grandpa needed aunt and I had to suffer. She and I drink DrPepper while we drive and needed to stop every hour but with Grandpa bitchin' about every thing, we stopped drinkin' and only peed when G&G needed. My Aunt and I both developed bladder infections after that trip...I KID YOU NOT!!!
So anyway it was a time to pee. I was drivin'. I saw the exit for a truck stop and so I took the it. At the bottom was a stop light and a VERY BIG SIGN that read, "No Right Turns During A RedLight".
What the Hell!!???!!!
I understood it. Truckers would take advantage of Right on Red. I see that.
I am not a trucker.
I had to pee.
I was the only one sittin' at the intersection...THE ONLY ONE!!!
And I didn't care if I got a ticket!!
I turned Right on Red!!
My grandpa came unglued!!!
I didn't drive after that... not until the next day.

2) This freakin' computer!!
I thought it was becuz it was infected. I don't think so, I have put it thru EVERY FREE Virus Scan I know of and have it locked down to the hilt with one I actually pay's still slow.
I have tons of memory.
I defrag all the time.
I clean out my cookies.
Roy will hear me screamin' cuss words and see me with my head on the desk and he says, "Are you sick?"
"Did you get bad news?"
"Did you break a nail?"
It's like being on dial up!!!

3)People who do things to one person and get all upset when some one does it to them.
It goes along the lines of "Don't dish it out if you can't take it." and "Take a Joke as it's Intended."

Loretta calls me up, "let me tell you the latest." and proceeds to tell me how a mutual friend of ours hit her upside the head.
Loretta was appalled!! "How dare that woman hit me!"
I giggled. I know that it was meant in fun.
I could tell by the dead silence that Loretta didn't see the humor in it.
"She hit me!"
"like you hit Roy?" She smacks him upside the head all the time.
Again silence.
I changed the subject.

I haven't heard from her since Thursday.
Roy said, "you should always side with family."
Seriously, Come the Fuck On....take a joke.


MizAngie said...

AMEN, SISTER!!! Preach on... I am so with you on all of that.

Jeankfl said...

I agree!! People are generally not bright enough to see that they are doing just what they get mad about! Just consider that people are crazy..

♥Georgie♥ said... complete me!!!

Katy said...

Hmmm. . . that computer thing is puzzling and you've been talking about it. Are you cleaning out your viewed pages a lot? I like to keep them as long as I can because I find they load faster.

Katy said...

oh. Do you have Windows Vista? If so, all that anti-virus stuff might be slowing you down. I uninstalled almost all of mine and just use Windows Defender and it runs a lot faster than before.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Re: right on red - if you drive in the NYC city limits, NO right on red. It's ok on Long Island unless otherwise posted. Just so you know if you come visit, hehe.