Friday, January 22, 2010


Is the shits!
This is what I know....
My friend's son played football. One kid, TheMeanKid, on the team teased the son to the point that it came to blows. My friend's son was on top on TheMeanKid, whalin' the shit outta him when TheMeanKid's Parents saw the boys.
They never saw the tauntin' and teasin'. You know TheMeanKid is an angel and would never bully anyone.
Well, When TheMeanKid's Parents broke up the fight, TheMeanKid's Mom came unglued on my friend. My friend held herself in check. She is a prominent member of the community and stayed calm and collected despite being told she was a whore doomed to Hell becuz she couldn't control her child.

To the boys it was water on a duck's back....a year later, the boys get a long just fine.....It's just water on a duck's back.

But the that's a horse of a different color!
TheMeanParents do not want to have anything to with my friend. To do PeeWeeBall in our smalltown you have to deal with her. They said OH Hell NO!!
And formed their own team. But My friend's son plays on that team too.
They do not sit by each other.
They do not talk to each other.
They do not cheer for her child, despite the fact that she encourages their child.
And I ask you, who is actin' like a child?

Well, okay. Me.
I always ask her to point out TheMeanMom, "Oh That woman in the butt ugly blouse!" said none to softly by me.
I'll stir the pot.
I'm not scared.
I'll drop an elbow that MeanMom.
And I think I get invited to go to ball games as my friend's back up.

When I had any dealin's with little league as a child, I was unaware of any back bitin' or petty arguments. We were just kids that wanted to have fun. We weren't gonna make a career of Softball.
When I took my daughter to play soccer, I never saw such shittiness either.
I wasn't raisin' pro athletes here.
I had my girls headed to college becuz they were smart not athletically inclined!
Then one on to law school.
And the other off to medical school.
I had big dreams for them.
I had it going to... One in Gifted and Talented.
And one graduated as Salutatorian of her freshman class....I had it all on track.

But no... that's water under the bridge.

What the Hell Happened to people??

Encourge your child to shoot for the moon but do you have to do by tellin' another mother to go Fuck herself??
Not a good way to win friends and influence people if you want to be on the school board... I'm just sayin'!


Tracie said...

What the Hell Happened to people??

Did you see my FB status yesterday? I so could have written this!

MizAngie said...

I got kicked out of my nephew's baseball game one time (by my brother) because I called some kid's mother a bitch after she said Joe was deliberately hitting kids with the ball. He was 10. Ten year olds aren't always in control of their muscles and might throw a wild pitch or two in the game's excitement. Parents are always the ones who ruin PeeWee Anything.

MizAngie said...

The only thing we play each other in is football, and NEO comes here next season.

Katy said...

I could never get what all the bruhaha was about little kids sports. Scratch that. I'm just not a competative person, so I don't ever see what the big deal is.