Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mottos, Facebook, And Age...

I try to live my life by these principles...well ideas rather:
"The More, the Merrier." Except if it's kids....Ick! I'd rather have a broken leg.
"You're only as Young as YOU feel."
"You can either be Happy or you can be Miserable." I chose to be happy!

Now add Facebook to that.

I accept most every "friend" request. I am not "friends" with my brother inlaw or my daughter's stupid ass boyfriend but I am "friends" with some stranger from Denmark and several from Indonesia.
My daughter said, "Mom, how do YOU know people in Indonesia? I know missionaries in Guam. But you?"
Like I'm not worldly!
She knows I'm not Godly!
But I do like to play MafiaWars and I need strangers in my crew! Becuz, some days a gal just needs to whack some one!!
So there you have "The More, the Merrier."

I have classmates that have not befriended me.
I'm a little miffed about that.
Almost hurt.
People I've known since kinneygarden!!
But Oh Well...I feel closer to people I've "met" on my blog!!
My sister said, "Who are those people and why do they want to be my friend?"
She doesn't live by that "more the merrier" motto.
So I have to explain to her who people are without sayin' "Oh she's read all about you and really wants to get to know you on a personal level."...which actually comes out as, "I read her blog." And she says, "oooh."

But between you and me....OMG!!!
My classmates got old!!
I don't feel that I look that old!!
As I look at their photos, I'm thinkin' some of them haven't aged well. Like they were rode hard and put wet!!
So maybe it's a good thing I think I'm younger becuz if I give up, I'll look that old!!
I'm so vain.
And I'm feelin' pretty damn young...or at least 35.
And that makes me happy!!


divamidlifecrisis said...

Oh I am so with you. Some of my favorite people are people I have met online.

Lin said...

Ha ha, you're right. If you feel young, you'll stay young (to an extent anyway).

MizAngie said...

Denny and I think we look and act younger than people we know of our age. We contribute our youth to not having children of our own to worry us to death and working/hanging out with other people's kids who are so much fun. There are days, though, when I do see an old lady looking back at me from my mirror. I don't like her much...

Katy said...

Some people are SO weird about their facebook friends--like it's some elite circle only a few can join. Whatever! I like "know" the person, but I'm not turning down someone because I thought she was annoying ten years ago. That seems juvenile to me.