Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Between Us Girls...

After my shower yesterday Mornin', as I was gettin' dressed, I noticed in the mirror that one boob was different.
The left one is bigger!!
Very noticable bigger!!
I've never noticed that before!!
Roy was all like, "yeah I noticed. I've known for awhile."
"Which one?"
"The left one."
So he didn't make it up!
He does pay attention!!
"I think a lot of women have one bigger." he said. Tryin' to make things better.
"I have to ask my peeps about this."
"Your peeps?"
"I've got peeps. Internet peeps."
"Can you keep me out of it?'

Really, Roy.
What would be the fun in that??


Billie said...

I have to agree with Roy. Mine are also differently sized.

Lin said...

Ha ha, you're funny. I think I'm a lil bigger on the left too.

Although, god decided not to bless me in the boobie area so you really cant tell.

Katy said...

This was actually discussed in one of my sex ed classes as a kid. It's very normal to have different sized breasts. I've not noticed a big difference in mine, but like I said, common.

♥Georgie♥ said...

my right boobage is bigger...

MizAngie said...

My right boob is slightly bigger and hangs a little lower. But I'm right handed so I figure I use the muscles on that side more which would account for the size difference. It's good of Roy to have researched this for you.