Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How'd That Happen??!!

We were watchin' that movie "Nadine"...Kim Bassinger movie....My name sake.
And as the credits were rollin', Roy said, "His name is Vernon. Vernon Hightower. Why didn't I get that name?"

Really? He'd rather be named Vernon?
Does he really want me to yell across HellMart "Vernon!!!"
Or Silver Dollar City??
Half the men in that place would turn around!!
Sure it would be cute to say to him, "Know whatta I mean, Vern!"
And I do that anyway....but still.
You remember Ernest?
Jim Varney character?
Did Braum's ads??
And Ernest Movies???
For those of you that are not lucky enough to have a Braum''s the most fabulous ice cream chain in Oklahoma!!

I'd rather named him after that convict rodeo star Wes Hightower from "Urban Cowboy".
HOT!! In a really bad boy way.
But I didn't.

"Honey, You know that crazy whore in "Quigley Down Under"?
"Well she's always callin' Tom Selleck's character, Roy instead of Matthew. And that just fit on so many levels that now the whole world knows you as Roy Hightower."

He has a look of Tom Selleck.
I'm crazy....and I've had my "loose" moments.
And That Is How Roy Dewayne Hightower Was "BORN".....Live with it.

Today's his birthday.
And I'm not tellin' you his makes me burst into tears.
So from now on he'll be 45.
One of us should claimed it!


Katy said...

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Braum does have some good ice cream--I just hate the way I smell when I leave one of those places--like fried food.

I think of Ernest when I hear the name Vern too. Roy is definitely better.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday Roy!

BTW, I think Urban Cowboy is one of the best movies EVER ;)

MizAngie said...

Oh, YES! Wes Hightower was a bad, bad boy. I wonder why they don't have the prison rodeo anymore in Huntsville? Anyway, I just can't feature Roy as anything but Roy. And you know, it has to be said like we say it - a cross between roy and raw. I guess Rawy. Ha!

Vicki said...

I love Quigley Down Under - call my honey Roy all the time too.