Saturday, January 30, 2010

Division Of The Wealth...

My best friend is on the short end of the stick when it comes to gettin' stuff.
You know Stuff.
Girl Stuff.
The Really Good Stuff.

Those things that make a girl get all giggly and wanna have sex.

I get lots of stuff.
Sparkly Pretty Things.
Lacy Racy Things.
Big Expensive Things.

And we have lots of sex.

My friend just has sex....without gettin' stuff.
You know that is just so wrong.

Her husband gets stuff.
All sorts of Boy Things.
I've told she needs to put her foot down becuz the division of Good Stuff is divied up all wrong!!

Roy gets guns and all that shit that goes with guns. And I get a swimmin' pool.
Roy has motorcycles and all that shit that goes with motorcycles. And I get cruises.
Her husband gets guns and motorcycles and She get shit!
Maybe she gets a nice necklace at Valentine's Day or for her anniversary....that's expected but when he goes out and buys a huntin' thing, he doesn't tell her and she gets shit.
I told Roy, I'd buy him a new muzzle loader and when he bragged about it to her husband, Her husband wanted a new muzzle loader too. She said, "And what do I get?"
They negotiated and it was decided he would take her on a cruise.
Woo Hoo!!!
Which meant I got to go on a cruise!!!
Double BackFlip Woo Hoo right?
It was decided that it wouldn't work out becuz of the pick up needed some work.
Yeah, right.
When she told me that her husband went and bought a fancy bed for his pickup, I said, "and what did you get?"
"I get to use it when I feed cows."

That shit ain't right!!
"Well this is what we're gonna do, we're gonna keep track of what he spends on himself. And what he spends on you. I'll do the same for Roy. And we'll see how the division of wealth goes."

We Shall See.


Katy said...

We WILL see.

Billie said...

makes me happy that I get an 'allowance'. I get money to spend however I please and nobody can say sh*t about it. He does too!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

dun dun DUN!

Sherrie said...

Sex? I think I remember what that is...........