Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dead Rat...

It's okay Gina. There are no graphic photos.

Roy's been sleepin' on the livin' room floor becuz of the allergy thing. He doesn't get much sleep becuz of it and even less when you add in the 6 very busy nocturnal critters in house. They are into everything. It's worse than havin' kids.
Well Okay.
Maybe not.
They won't come home pregnant or develop a drug problem.
They do however play all night long.
He was so exasperated with them he locked up 3 in the bathroom! They apparently run in there durin' CatNASCAR.
When I wake up, I give Roy the bed. He says he can't sleep without me but he's normally snorin' 20 minutes after goin' in the bedroom. And he'll be in there for 3 hours or more. So he can sleep without me.

While he's in there, I try to be quiet. It's not always easy.
This one particular mornin' I made myself some oatmeal and poured a glass of milk to eat while I did some "farmin'" on Facebook.
As I pulled out my PC chair, There it was!!!
The Dead Rat!!
As big as it was it wasn't a mice but not as big as those huge rats in barns....It was probably a field rat. But no matter It Was There!!
The outside cats leave their trophies...or what's left of them...on the back porch for us to marvel at their abilities to be hunt. There have been all sort of body parts that only a doctor could tell you what it was. There have been voles, mice, snakes, and birds.

But the house cats, left it right where MOM would Find It!! Right in front of her PC.

I tried not to squeal. But I did gasp loud enough for Roy to hear it. He had only been in there 10 minutes.
He came out of the bedroom, "What? What?"
I held my hand up so he would see it. If I don't hold my hand up so he can see it and just point, he doesn't look where I'm pointin'!! Why he doesn't look where I'm pointin' is just beyond me. We go 'round and 'round about that all the freakin' time.
So I have my hand in the air, and then point to the dead rat.

"Oh. Huh. How'd you kill it?"
Why would I kill it? That's why I have do my rat killin'.
And other manly things.
"I didn't kill it. You have 6 cats in this house and you ask me how I killed it??"
George is lethal!!
He picked it up and disposed of it then went back to bed still grumblin' about the cats being stupid and couldn't possibly have killed a rat.

I want to know How Did It Get In?
And What Kinda Suicide Mission Was It On???

After Roy had some sleep and was in a much better mood.
"Do you know what I heard when you were squealin' Rat?"
I shook my head no.
"Wreck!! Wreck!! I thought you got some email sayin' AuntBetsy had a bad wreck. And it just didn't compute."

I know I'm off-kilter but an email is not gonna make me gasp and yell.
And I know that my dialect and voice is not normal, but come on!!
Clean the mush from your ears, Roy!!


Katy said...

Seriously, you wouldnt' even be able to find me if I found a rat in the house because I'd be stuck to the ceiling.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

maybe the rat got trampled on during CatNASCAR. But you're right, why would a rat dare enter a house with six cats lolling about!?

MizAngie said...

GAG. I hate mice/rats/snakes. However, you live in the country - it's gonna happen. What scares me about mice is that they're what snakes eat. So if the mouse is in my house, the snakes will likely be next. *cringe*

Way to go CATS!