Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best Friends, 2CupBras, and Huge Favors...

So a long time ago, I went on a cruise....seems like a lifetime ago....though it was a month ago....My bestest friend in the whole wide world had the keys to my house to take care of the cats while we were gone. Cat Camp at home.
It was a HUGE favor for her to do it. Roy teases her, "were you drunk?"
Yes, she was....I gave her the booze!
When we left for Texas, We had it all laided out for her....easy peasy!!
The Catboxes....we put out an extra box. Now you realize that these are not normal catlitter boxes but storage containers. HUGE storage containers! So now the cats had a 2-holer! They were thrilled. You can tell by the way they get in there, INSTANTLY and kick litter all over!!!
We left her plenty of water, cat food, dog food, and extra litter.
She didn't have a bit of trouble.
We bought her a small gift in GrandCayman. I wanted to get her something else too. A VickySecretBra! That 2Cup Sizes Bigger Bra. I knew she wouldn't buy one for herself.
I had tried one on and just laughed.
I do not need that at all.
A boost, yes.
Bigger, no....which is what she needs.
Roy and I went shoppin' for her 2CupBra, and of course he and I have got to argue about it. We argue about EVERYTHING! I was with her when they measured her for the last bra I bought her, so I know.
After, some texts and more bickerin' between me and Roy, we bought the bra. She turned 14 shades of red when we gave it to her!
"Oh you didn't have to do that!"
Yes I did. That was a BIG favor she did.
When we went out for New Year Eve, I asked her if she had it on. "Can't you tell?"
She dresses like a boy!
"You need to show yourself off." and pointed to my chest which is always showcased. This night, in a black velvet halter. I guess I'll to buy her cute blouses too.
"Can you see your shoes?" I asked her.
She stood up straight and looked down, "yes, just the tips."
I stood up straight and looked down, "I can't see mine. We're gettin' you there!"

Roy just cracked up.
Her husband too wrapped up in his laptop to notice.


Gina (Mannyed) said...

She the lap top toting husband might just be the problem!

Becca said...

He didn't notice? OMG he would be so dead. Talk about rude!

Anonymous said...

Pictures would have GREATLY enhanced this particular entry....