Friday, January 15, 2010

Assholes, Cats, And Allergies...

So I've told you off and on about Roy's Allergies.
We've been to the doctor 3 or 4 times.
We've tried different meds.
He's even had a steroid shot.
He's lost sleep. More importantly, I've lost sleep!!
Some assholes have told him he's probably allergic to cats!!
Everyone has a theory as why he has a we get advice from everywhere!
He had cats around him all his life.
I have 6 and he now....NOW?? has allergies???

I think Not!
Only people that hate cats would say such a thing!!

Even RoySr said that!!
And do you know what Roy said.
"Probably, or I'm allergic to my wife", Roy just smiled.
"Oh Really! I feel so loved." And sat there broodin', plottin' revenge for such statements, and where I should start.
"Honey," I was calm and level headed, not my usual "I'll kill everyone who opposes me squeal", "you can go to OKC and spend a couple of days with your parents to test that theory."

"I am even more allergic to them! No. I will not test that theory."



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Billie said...

Every time Piero gets sick, Eduardo says that he is allergic to the cats. My response was always - I am not giving up the cats until you provide proof - ie proof from a skin test by an allergist.

He has now stopped that because apparently he is getting sniffles and blocked nose at his mother's house where there are no cats.

It was definitely annoying to hear it for close to two years tho.

Katy said...

You need to give us more information--what are his symptoms? When are they worst? What have you tried already?