Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Swap...

So there was a package stuck in the fence by the gate....Jammed in the barbed wire!
Roy was like, "Why would they do that?"
I mean really!
First off, we have thieves that live in the neighborhood.
They stole my yard furniture off my front porch!!
Annnnnd, Roy's Rocks!!

And Secondly, let's not forget the poachers!!
If they'll steal a deer ... They'll take a package that someone sent me for Christmas stuck in the barbed wire!!
Oh and in the mailbox is a notice that there's a package at the post office.
They could have kept them together!!
We're not talkin' about a Post Office that deals with millions of people here. The Post Office it's self has 500 PO Boxes for rental!!
The school...maybe 1000 kids??
Come on!!
It is soooo hard??
And do you know what notice slip was for....the package crammed in the fence!!!
What a waste of my time!!

ANYWAY... Roy said, "Who's it from?"
"It's from a friend in Arkansas. I'm part of a gift swap, like last year. Remember when I got a gift from Oregon?"
I'm VERY lucky he remembers the Cruise!

"I'll open it later. Go bring in the groceries."
"You need a knife to open it."
"Okay. I hafta pee. Go get the groceries."
From the bathroom, I heard rippin' noises, "Honey! What are you doing??"
"Nothing! It popped Open!!"

Sure it did.

You had your chance my blogger shoulda sign up!
This the cool stuff I received from Southern Drama Mama.
Stuff to make puddin' and seasons to make dip....which I think I'll use one of them for a spread.
And Christmas bulb, note pad, a spoon and a caramel brownie mix.

Love It!!
Thank you so very much.

See in the corner....Manny's feet.
He's a wee bit jealous of my new slippers.


Lin said...

You got some great stuff! I'm totally diggin; those slippers :)

MizAngie said...


I mailed my swap present yesterday. I'm feeling intimidated now because of all the cool stuff you got. My person may feel cheated! YIKES.

Becca said...

Love all that you got! You are such a cool swappee!

Tracie said...

Sweet loot - I got my package yesterday will get it posted soon! Mailed my package....(today)'s on its way

Kelly said...

I'm so happy you liked it all, even if I didn't mail you raisinless oatmeal cookies!! :)

Katy said...

oooooh dip. . . I may have to run to the store!