Thursday, December 31, 2009

Careful Of What You Wish For....Part 2.

I knew that the blizzard was comin'....but I wanted to be with my granny becuz Grandpa was in the hospital.
I didn't mind being stuck there with her. But when he came home, it was just a matter of time before I was ready to go home. Blizzard or not!

After havin' to hear him bitchin' about the newspaper and how I didn't know how to figure out the water faucet in the kitchen, I got dressed to go out in the snow. I thought I could clean off the front step.... score some brownie points...We couldn't open the door.
Which meant I had to find a shovel.
"I don't have a shovel. Bo took it."
I just shook my head.
All of them??
I decided to look in the other garage....he has 2....stuff full of junk.
And yet all of the stuff he has, Bub took all his shovels.
But to open the garage I have to get into my granny's van for the garage door opener.
It's locked.
The keys to it are in her purse.
Which is in my car.
Which frozen shut.
You ask why is her purse in my car?
It was the safest place on the whole property that my StupidCousins and her children couldn't get into....I try to protect G&G as best I can though they just give it all away to her anyway.

So I can't shovel the snow off the front step.
I decided to wait a couple of hours.....and listen to him bitch about the newspaper.

My sister called, "I'm comin' to get you!"
I got my shit together!
But I made the mistake of askin' Granny if I could use her coat.
"Where's your coat?" Grandpa asked... Like I would take her coat and never return it!!
"It's locked in my car."
"Well, I think it's sat there long enough in the sun that you could get it open."
Really You Think.
I was pissed!!
Look back at that photo.....the side with the sun on it, has a snow drift half way up the door....just like his front frickin' door!!
The side with the ice all over it was not in the sun.
I was pissed!
"Oh Really! You just watch!" I threw on his coat, his boots and stomped out there and tried to open the passenger door.... it didn't open.
And I stomped back in the house. "See! Frozen!!"
"You should have tried the Driver's door!"Like I'm stupid!!
I'm tryin' really hard not to scream but to maintain a level voice with him.
"The driver's door has snow up against it just like your front door. I can not get into my car and get my coat out."

My sister picked me up and took me to my mother's house. The roads were bad!! I didn't care. I didn't want to be with HIM another minute!
I called Roy.
"Come and Get Me!!"
He said, "You knew it was gonna be that way. Tough it out."
He couldn't get out of the driveway right that second so I did spent the night with my mother.
The day after Christmas he trudge thru the snow and ice to drive 75miles, it took him normally takes me an hour to do pick me up at my mom's.

So while I'm at Mom's, Granny calls my sister, "Where's my purse? I need Grandpa's inhaler."
OH Fuck And Shit!!!!
"Granny, it's not in there. When I went thru your purse, I didn't see it."
Thank God For RubyJune!!!
"Sister, where's Granny's purse?"
"It's in my car."
Case Closed.
Ain't nobody gettin' in that car!!
Granny said, "why did she put it in her car?"
RubyJune said, "StupidCousin!"
RubyJune said to me, she could hear Grandpa in the background bitchin' about it all and he was pissed!!
"Tell her, he has Inhaler in on the shelf with the rest of his meds. I saw one there."
"Oh No that's not the one."
RubyJune just hung up.
There nothing we can do....we can't get in the car.
And she knew there wasn't an inhaler in that purse.
I fretted about it all day. I just could not have any fun knowin' he was gonna lay into me when I went back over there. I just can't deal with him. I refuse to do it!
When my brother left, I gave him my keys so he could try to get in my car and get the purse out.
He did.
Gave Granny the purse.
The inhaler wasn't in it.
It was on the shelf in the kitchen.
I hope he sat there fumin' all day long and all he had to do was go look in the kitchen like I said.

If I sat at home and was snowed in with Roy, I would have wanted to be with Granny if she was going to be alone.
I had to go.
I will never do that again.
And they can't make me!


ReRe said...

we need shirts that say "I survived Okie Blizzard 2009!"

Tracie said...

Sorry :(