Monday, December 21, 2009

Bah!! HumBug!!

As we were drivin' home from the gym, I said, "Honey, I want to go to the mall and..." He wasn't really thrilled with the whole idea and hardly listened to all that I was tellin' him.
Yes, we started back the gym.
We've both been ill and thought best to keep our germs to ourselves....I couldn't make it thru my entire routine. Too much for me!
I walked out.
But now here I am tellin' Roy I wanted to go to the mall.
3 days before Christmas Eve.
Can you imagine the all the people at the mall???
But still I wanted to go.

"I'll buy you lunch." I begged.
Still not thrilled.
"Do I look like someone that wants to go shoppin'?"
Well no...not really but if I had said, I'd buy him a gun or something, he'd be jumpin' for joy!!

"I'm takin' a shower and we're going to town."
And that's what I did, Showered.
And some where between shampoopin' my hair and soapin' my legs the world took a spin...not in a good way.

I stepped out of the shower tryin' to re-gain my balance and glanced up at Roy. He was slouched on his couch, legs sprawled out, with his thrown back like he had taken a spin in his own world. "Babe, I'm just not feelin' it. I don't want to go to town."

"I'm not goin' alone." He smiled. "It's that time of year where people are not so nice with their holiday cheer and they steal and carjack."
I had just talked myself outta going.

"YOU will take me some time soon. So you'd better get to feelin' it!"
"Why do you want to go?"
"I just do."
"But you don't feel any better than I do. Why??"

"I have a coupon!!"

He had the energy to laugh at me!!

Okay, I'm only moderating comments for just a bit.
Bare with me.
There's a method to my madness.


Becca said...

The way that you are feeling, is it the smartest for you to be shopping? I worry about you sometimes, chickie poo!

MizAngie said...

There will be other coupons, and days when [so many] crazy people are not at the mall. You couldn't PAY me to go to the mall right now. YECH!!!

Katy said...

They can keep their coupons--I hate the mall this time of year.