Friday, November 13, 2009

Well Hell!!

forgot completely what I was gonna tell you....That's a bad habit I have acquired.
Oh yeah, right....
First, Thanks for the pep talks, ass kickin', love, advice, and support, and most importantly the graphic images that came to mind as MizAngie told me about her pubic hair.

Love, love, love you gals.

Secondly, Let's do the Christmas Swap. Check Out Becca's Blog for info....You will not regret it.

Thirdly, The Cruise with ThatIdiot was cancelled....woo hoo!!!
There are just some things that should not be tainted for me.
And Cruisin' is one of them.

I didn't start this blog to whine or be a big fat cry baby but shit happens.
I hate that.

One the funniest things said to me recently:
I was in the chair at the beauty salon and my hairdresser said to me, "Honey, You're lookin' a little Amish. Let me shape up brows."

Good thing she couldn't see my crotch!!!

2 weeks...and I sail the Caribbean!!!
Toes in the sand with a drink in my hand....with freshly waxed eyebrows.....what could be better than that?


Becca said...

Take me with you?

mepsipax said...

Have fun. You should go diving

Sherrie said...

A tall dark handsome 30something year old rubbing sun tan lotion all over your body.........oh never mind, I want that :D

Sherrie said...

Nadine how do I add a music player like yours to my blog?