Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sit Down And Drop All Sharp Objects!!

So Roy and I sat in the Doctor's office waitin' to hear the results of the bloodwork. You know I've had some issues about high cholesterol.

Well, the doctor comes in all happy, "Mrs Hightower I have good news! You're Pregnant!!"

What the Hell??!!??

Roy's all excited!!!

The Dr's all excited!!!

So I was all excited!!!! I'm dog-like in that way, get all excited becuz everyone else is....I don't really know why but Woo Hoo!!!

Me. Pregnant!!!

Roy was so excited he wanted to sell the house and move to Texas!!!

Yep Texas! And live like gypsies on the beach.

I've heard it's like Heaven....I guess he wants to raise our baby in Heaven.

Personally I think it's way to hot to be Heaven but rather maybe ....well.

You Know.

And like a dog, I'm lettin' him lead. If he wants to sell the house and live like gypsies in Texas so be it.

But as we're talkin' to the RealEstateDude, It Hits Me Like A Ton of Bricks!!

I Can't Be Pregnant!!!!

Roy can't impregnant me!!!!

He has a vasectomy!!!!!

And He's Freakin' Happy????

Just before all Hell broke loose....I woke up.

In a Cold Sweat!






And I've had some doozies!!!

Like the time dreamt we were playin' hide and seek....and I've runnin' thru the house to find my hidin' spot and a drop of water or something drips on my face and as I look up to see what it is... my cousin...the one I swingin' an axe at my face.

That's Scary Shit!!


MizAngie said...

You need to stop doing me that way! I was all caught up in you being pregnant and then it's a frickin' dream. Shit! I had a nightmare the other night, too. Dreamed I was taking care of my former boss who did me so dirty and he was in love with me. What the hell? I can't STAND this guy!!! Yech. No more spicy food before bedtime!!!!

Becca said...

Dang woman! You scared me!

Tracie said...

I knew it had to be a dream!

Jaime Teele said...

omg. I was in shock there for a second. lol. I'm glad you aren't pregnant. I have a hard time offering congratulations to pregnant people.

Katy said...

The funniest part for me wasn't that you said you were pregnant--it's that you said you wanted to move to the beach in Texas. Helloooooo? If you're gonna live like a gypsie than surely there's a better beach for it.