Monday, November 16, 2009

My Days Are Numbered!!!

As a brunette....I've walked on the Other Side long enough.

Roy was sittin' on his couch...he'd look over at me.
He'd look at the TV.
He'd look at me.
He'd look at the TV.

"Fix it."


MizAngie said...

That's too funny. I've been thinking I should go back to the other side. This gray hair is gettin' me down, washin' me out. But the thought of $100 every month for the beauty shop makes me sick. Yeah, I can live with the gray...


Sherrie said...

LMAO! Man of few words eh, too funny! At least you know how he feels :)

Bj in Dallas said...

are you SURE you aren't living with my ex?

with that one comment,the following could/should happen:
I'd come home a redhead, and he would be eating my award winning
Cheesy Cat Food Casserole for dinner, while I had a salad.

I'm just saying.