Monday, November 23, 2009

Blondes, Deer, and Poachers...

It's Hunting deer in my freezer...yet.
But someone shot something just outside of my property!!!
At zero Dark thirty!!
I kid you not!
6Am, I sittin' here going thru my email and heard a gun shot that sounded like it was in my front yard!! Like an idiot I go to the front door and LOOK OUT!
If Roy were here HE would have KILLED ME!!
So I shut the door and went total darkness.
Which is dangerous too.
Not just the trip UP but the WALK ACROSS THE ROOM.
There's a lotta shit up there!
I made it thru the first room and the second room doesn't have a clear path so I was almost on my hands and knees feelin' my way thru the room in the dark....pitch black people.
And some one shot something outside my property!!!
I made it to the window and peeked out. I couldn't see anything.
But I heard an old rattle-trap truck comin' down the road. I watched for its lights to hit someone on the property across the road... so I could see the poachers.
NOPE! It dropped someone off!!
And LEFT!!
I watched as best I could the person that was dropped off, cross the pasture....I could see him every little bit, he musta been usin' his cell phone as a light. THAT'S HOW DARK IT WAS.
I totally lost him behind one of my trees. Another truck drove by but I still never saw a thing from its headlights but the rattle-trap truck came back. I heard the sounds of doors shuttin' and tailgates slammin' ....And they were gone!!!
As they drove past the house I couldn't tell what type of truck it was....IT WAS THAT DARK!!!
They Poached their Deer by 6:20!
Is it any wonder why hunters shot each other??? If they are stupid enough to shoot in the dark??
I haven't even had a chance to tell Roy yet. He's doin' his own huntin' ....the right way.
I wonder if there was more than just the two...the driver and the dropoff but also someone in the pasture, the actual shooter, becuz those deer are not lightweight. I can't imagine one person draggin' a 100pounder alone. And it happened way to quickly to gut it and then move it. I have a feelin' there were 3!

I managed to get thru that whole incident without a bruise or stubbed toe.
Or fallin' down the stairs....again.
Or Shot At!!

When I tell Roy about it I'm leavin' out the part about openin' the front door.


Stefunkc said...

My word! I can guarandamtee I would have been in a ball under some piece of furniture praying!

Tracie said...

That would be one of the reasons my hubby stopped dear hunting - too many other stupid hunters. He was so mad the last year he went after another hunter did something stupid and he said "no man should be that mad holding a loaded gun" (or something like that) and he hasn't gone since.

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh...girrrrl i wouldnt tell roy about opening the door either!

I got deer aplenty and I am willing to share BUT I hope roy gets one or guys were out all weekend

Becca said...

OMG Mitch would have been bs mad at those stupid people! I know that times are tough and all that, but really, and he sounded like he was far too close to a home to be taking a stupid chance like that. That is why a lot of hunters are now doing no hunting signs on their property.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Yeah, I'm with Becca on this one...