Friday, November 06, 2009

Best Cat Toy Ever...

The plastic thingy on the jug of milk.
I'd take a photo of it and show you EXACTLY what it is but I'd hafta take it away from Manny.
He has played with it all over the livin' room.
It gets hooked on his paw and he rolls around shakin' his paw.
It gets flipped up in the air and lands a foot away from him, he lays on his side a stretches way out to barely touch it.
He will jump up and run around...watchin' it. It could run off!
He talks to it.
He carries it around in his mouth.
He'll play that way until he loses it under the couch.

Manny loves those things.
When I open up a new jug, I will call him. He comes runnin'!!
I will show him the thingy and he bumps my legs....HE LOVES THOSE THINGYS!!!!
He sometimes watches me get in and out of the fridge hopin' it's milk day.

Roy misplaced his glasses and we decided that he needed to look under the couch....there were 12 of those milk jug thingys under there!!!
And his glasses.
I got a photo of Manny...
Whisperin' sweet nothings to it!!


Miss Thystle said...

the best dog toy ever is an empty plastic water bottle. The 12 or 20oz size. Mine LOVE them. Crackle crackle crackle! Oooh! Let's kick it!

Like kids playing with the box the toy came in.

Sherrie said...

Ohhhh my kitties are the same way with the milk thingies! My dog on the other hand prefers the lawn edging around my flower gardens........UGH!

Katy said...

My cat is wild about hair rubber bands. In fact, my hair's been in my face all day because i can't find one anywhere--I'm sure Max has a stash somewhere.

MizAngie said...

Thystle - YES! Timber loves water/coke bottles, too.

Nadine - Rudy & Liz used to play with those thingies, too. And small balls of wadded up paper. Ha! Have you ever gotten kitty pot for your babies? (Catnip.) That stuff makes them hilarious!

Billie said...

Forget the cat toys... just make sure you leave out something you DON'T want to lose. That is clearly the next cat toy!!!!