Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whatta Load Of Bull!!!

One day Roy was out doin' RoyThings...while I lazily sat at my PC...when he came in the house in a huff!!
He was riled up!
His feathers were ruffled!!
And not in the way you would expect!
Not like the way he was that one day when the man accused him of shootin' his horse!

But he was freaked out!

He had been weed eatin' along the fence line when he saw the neighbor's bull runnin' towards him!! Roy headed to the house!!!

He's had a run in with that big boy once before over one of my dogwood trees. Roy tried to save it. But for fear of havin' a mud hole stomped in him, Roy let the Bull have he tree!!
He has a great respect for the bull!!

Though that's one animal he'd like to shoot!

So there he was standin' in the livin' room in a huff, "That Bull has a hard on for me!!"
And he told me what he saw...that bull runnin' thru the trees and around cows lookin' for Roy and that noise!!
That noise of the WeedEater!!!
I giggled.
"It's not funny!"

Well yes it is.
I've seen that man stand toe to toe with people hurlin' accusations at him.
I've gone to work with him and watched him be all professional. He knows how to be a grown up.
I envision him standin' like SuperMan with his SuperCopCape flyin' in the breeze.

And there he is frazzled over a bull.
There was the time he was all freaked out about the neighbors rooster...he had a hard on for Roy too.
That little red rooster ran Roy in the house once, yellin' "Shut the Door! Shut the Door!"
I slammed the door shut just as the rooster hit the door.
That damn thing was comin' in!!
Roy got even. He put his Rottweiler on that damn rooster.
The dog didn't kill it.
But that was the last we saw of it.

So I'm gigglin' at him.
"It's not funny. I'm gonna go clean out the far ditch where that damn bull can't see me."
And off he went.

I went back to doin' my thing on the PC.
I heard this God-awful groan comin' from straight to the north.

What the hell is that!!???

My first thought was that is was Roy fuckin' with me....but I had heard the driveway buzzer as he went out the gate to do the ditch...it couldn't be him.

I heard it again!!!!

It's one the most horrific sounds I've ever heard!!!!

I got up to go see.
Just like the dumb blondes in the movies....just before they get slashed to death by the mad dog killer.
Or ripped to shreds by the werewolf vampire hybrid.

So I armed myself....with my camera.

This is what I saw.
ssshhhh.....He's hidin'!!


MizAngie said...

That's a purdy bull. I don't think I'd mess with him, either.

Lin said...

lol, it's huge! I would have ran from it too.

Tracie said...

The bull's in love!!

Jaime said...

LMAO! That's awesome. However, I must admonish you for being that girl who investigates the noise. You had me laughing so hard this morning about your Nickie being fat comment. Hilarious! My mom saw her the other day and said, "Damn, Nickie got fat. They should fire her". haha

Stefunkc said...

I can hardly see him!

Gina (Mannyed) said...