Saturday, October 03, 2009


Two comments about the SexToys stood out.

Get one of those really soft ones.... NO TOOTH CHIPPIN'!!

Secondly, a gal should have backup.
If you do not have a second stringer, YOU NEED TO GET ONE.
Sure, The Hub is good.
He knows you perfectly.
But Girlfriend, sometimes the pump needs to be primed!!!
Annnnd.....There are those times that your trigger is not tripped.
You know I'm right.
And the BackUp Boyfriend is needed!

Maybe that glass one with nippley things isn't for you.
It's not for me.
I prefer the softer ones....the life-like ones.
One of mine is pink....and one is red.
One fits in my pocket....for travelin'.
The best one plugs into the wall.....we go full throttle!!

It's a great stress reliever that doesn't involve food.
Everyone's happy!!
Don't be ashamed.
Go for it.


MizAngie said...

Okay, the tooth-chipping thing was a JOKE!!!!

I ordered one thing from Adam&Eve one time and, yes, they DID wrap it discreetly. However, the nine million catalogs they sent after that were NOT wrapped discreetly. I blushed everytime I saw the mailman! hahahahaha....

Miss Thystle said...

strangely, many of mine are purple. I do love purple.