Sunday, October 04, 2009

Men, Cats, And Democracy...

Sunday, 11:30 Am, I was in the kitchen frettin' over an unripened avocado. I've had the damn thing for a week and it's still as hard as a rock!! They ALWAYS ripen overnight!! I thought I would try fryin' it.
Anyway... the house was cool. I was wearin' an oversized sweatshirt and wool socks....I was comfortable.

Roy was not.

I could hear him crumplin' paper.

OH NO!!!!!
I ran to the doorway of the livin' room and with my knife poised to stab, "WHAT THE HELL?????"
He grinned.
He was about to die but he grinned.

"I'm cold."
"Then put on some clothes but do not make a fire in the stove!!!"
He ignored me.

Later, he came in to tell me, "We took a vote and you were out voted 7 to 1."


"Come see." and lead me into the livin' room where there were 6 cats spread out all around the stove.

"See. 7 to 1."

Damn it.
By12:30 I was sittin' in my shorts and tank top.....dyin'!!!


Tracie said...

hubby turn the furnance on yesterday am.

Katy said...

As if cats get a vote:)

Billie said...


Our furnace is not on yet but the house is only modestly cool.

Lin said...

ha ha, you guys remind me of my in-laws. Giving the cats a vote is something my father in law would so do. They currently have 5 cats & 3 kittens in the house (sucks when we visit cause I have serious allergies).

Also, for some strange reason I've found that if you put your avacados in a brown paper bag they'll ripen faster.

Jaime said...

WELL HERE YOU ARE! I've been looking for you and found you through Thystle. Good to find you again.

Miss Thystle said...

the cats should only get a vote if they are on your side. Obviously.

MizAngie said...

There have been a couple of mornings with a slight chill on the house. The thought of my much lower electric bill makes me warm and happy again. Ha!