Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let The Pigeons Fly...

"Hey Babe!" Roy calls out.
He's in the livin' room.
I'm in the bathtub.
"What was the name of that purse that Carrie gave that girl?"

This is why I love him.

A) He watches chick flicks.
B) He knows the names of the characters.
C) He remembers the little things.

"It was Louis Vuitton. Why?"
"I found it in this magazine."

D) He looks thru Vogue.
E) He knows Houndstooth prints from Plaid.

"Hey Babe, Have you seen this Ralph Lauren Top? I like it."

F) He's got style and taste.

He's come along way.
Next I'm going to teach about Burberry and Prada.


Tracie said...

my hubby thinks one pair of flip flops is enough ~

Miss Thystle said...

And Coach. And Jimmy Choo.

Katy said...

My husband is more like tracie's.

I'd be scared of that bull too.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

hilarious, I love it! I dont mind that The Husband gets excited over Burberry.