Wednesday, October 07, 2009

If They Only Knew...

I have posted my huntin' trip on FB.
My daughter thought it was funny.
She thought I should write a book.

High Five for me!

My sister, though, "The world is not ready for the book she could write."


And again, there's that confidence in my abilities.
Why are these people so skeptical??

Always, "Calm Down!"
"People are looking!"
"Do not touch that!"
"Here! Let me do that!"
"Do not speed!"

And let's not forget..."Drive Carefully."
My granny said, "You're told that a lot. Aren't you?"

It's not like I have raised my skirt in public....well...yeah....that one time....okay maybe twice.
But I've never wrecked a car.
I've only been given one speedin' was before Roy.
I don't have to use sharp knives...or screwdrivers...or hammers....or any tool for that matter.
Or build fires.
And So I'm a little high strung...I'm fun.

You know if I wrote a book I think I would name it "Oh Lord!" becuz that's what my sister would say many... many times if she ever read this blog.
Or "And He rolled his eyes."
Roy had the nerve to tell me the other day that he doesn't roll his eyes as much I think he does.
What the Hell?
He rolls his eyes I swear at least 13 times a day at me.
"Honey, do I look as short as Linda Hunt?" He didn't dare answer that one.
"Honey, feel my bicep! I think its bigger today." And he smirked.
"Honey, let's do the segway thingy in Cozumel!" And he giggled "You? On a segway?"
"Honey, Do you wanna have wild monkey sex?" And added Duh!
"Honey, Are you hungry?" And added Duh!
"Honey, look the cat just did something so cute." He just ignored me after that.

Seriously, I don't see what is so wrong with life that he needs to roll his eyes all the freakin' time!

So I've rambled enough and need to make supper.

Thank you for your support.


Miss Thystle said...

I'd watch your cat do cute things.

♥georgie♥ said...

How did I miss your hunting story?
I'd buy your book!

Becca said...

I would buy your book in a NY minute!

Beth said...

i finally have my blog back in business..i like the look in here, very nice !!!

MizAngie said...

I'd read your book but I'd probably make a bookcover out of a brown grocery sack so nobody would see the big-busted woman on the cover (that I'm sure would have to be there with Fabio). Hahahhaha!! I think you could write a great book. You're a free spirit who doesn't feel the need to filter out the funny and good stuff...