Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Think I'm Coming Down With Something!!!

I'd chalk it up with allergies if it wasn't for the sore throat.

Saturday, all I did was lay around on the couch.....more than usual.
I tried to play games on Facebook but I just felt like shit.
I watched the OU/Texas game....I think I spent all my energy there.

Although I did donate blood on Saturday am so that could be why I felt punky.
I've never done that before.
Not so bad.
I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't read the paperwork I signed....I hope I didn't sign up for experimental testing.
And becuz I couldn't read anything....seriously, my eyes are as bad as Roy's ears....the tech read me the questions....the yes or no ones....WOW! Those were pretty personal!!
I only answered yes to one question about travelin'....Jamaica.
He said, "where did you go?"
"The Sandals resort."
He smiled, "no, what port?"
Well hell....that was a long time ago.
I stammered a bit until a came up with Montego Bay.
I didn't go to the wrong spot there!
But what's scary is, there is a right spot for whatever there is that gets you kicked off the donation bus!!
Like Roy needed a reason not to get off the cruise ship in Jamaica!!!

So there I was laid out in a really cool recliner doing a grown up thing, when someone that I do not care for, though I have never done anything to him, steps outta the question and anwser booth to do his turn at donating, when he sees me.

He actually turned pale.
And stopped where he stood.
Looked around to see if he could find a recliner chair that didn't face me....though knowin' his wife would be facin' me if he faced away from me.

Fuckin' Asshole!!!
He hates Roy.
And that disdain carries over to me.
And the feeling is mutual.

And his wife....I couldn't tell if she turned pale or not...she wears 16 layers of makeup!
I think she's had work done.
I know her boobs are fake. Some one THAT old can't lay on her back and keep her real boobs THAT straight up in the air!!
Not even with a good push up bra on!!!
But you know that woman thats had too much plastic surgery and she looks like a cat???
She has that look about her too.
Roy said, "Well if you can't be a ShowPony, You just have to make one."

Like Frankenstein!!!

On an unhumorous note:
The HappyBaby has the flu.
And as we all know if someone has the flu right now, it's more than like H1N1.
Send Happy Vibes.


Miss Thystle said...

poor HappyBaby! My Gigibella had the swine flu and aside from a left over snotty nose, she's just fine. Happy will be too!

Katy said...

Sending good vibes and even a prayer!

I've never given blood, but I think I should. . . guess I better put it on the list.

Sherrie said...

Happy thoughts for happy baby :)