Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Heathen...

"So we're going to Joplin?" Roy said.
I thought about it and I think I can find my fabric I need at HellMart.

"No. I think I can find what I need in SmallTown."
He looks at me with questions written all over his face.
"Why? I thought there was a big push to go to Joplin?"

Yesterday, he told me that after all my friends have a bag then I'll be outta business becuz I want to go to the fabric stores in Joplin.

Confidence is runnin' high.

I had a friend ask me to come to her Church for a thing and bring my bags....it helps her and me.

Roy doesn't have the same feelings.
Oh he approves of all the bags....just not all the gas money that goes into me runnin' all over to find fabric or HAND deliverin'....or the Church thing.
"You'll sell 2 bags. Tops."

I know.
I wanted to cry.
But still I have had orders.
And one of them is for crosses.

"Honey, I think I can find the inspirational fabric at Walmart."
He looked at me like "What the fuck?"
"Inspirational. Religious equals inspirational."
He smirked.

There's that confidence again.
Or maybe he just knows me all too well.

"Yes. I know. I'll try not to vomit pea soup on it."

And no HellMart does not have what I want for the Inspirational bag...Hobby Lobby for sure!


Tracie said...

Hobby Lobby for sure!!

Katy said...

My little business pays for itself (website, art supplies, etc) and I'm happy with that. Creative expression has value in and of itself. Run all over and feed that inner artist.

Miss Thystle said...

you know what else you can find fabric for in Joplin? The suit you're going to bury Roy in when you strangle him. JUST SAYING.

MizAngie said...

Okay, the pea soup thing made me laugh out loud.

Ummm, does Roy use gas when he goes hunting? Or shells? Then why stress over a little gasoline to take you to the fabric store? Men. Ugh. I'm glad I can waste all my gas, time, money, etc, without some man sitting in judgment on it. Although, with all this damn rain making me you-know-what, I sure could use a man for a piece of you-know-what. The doorknobs are startin' to look real appealin'...