Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Jinx Me!!!

As I laid out the material for a special bag for a fabulous woman from Nebraska, Roy walked by on his way out to hunt, "You'd better not fuck that up!"

"Whooo Boy!!"

I'm a frugal seamstress.
I get the most from my fabric.
That stuffs not cheap!!
I ironed some OSUFabric, laid my pattern out on it to cut, cut it out, pressed it again, sewed a seam, and ironed the seam open....when I noticed PistolPete's Head Was Upside Down!

Shit a Brick!!!
If it had been Longhorns Upside Down, I'da giggled, finished it, and carried it myself....PROUDLY!!
But no.
I had to go buy more fabric.

"True! We'd be makin' an emergency road trip to Omaha!"

The finished bags were awesome!!


Billie said...

I hate it when that happens! I have made my own mistakes when sewing.

I once cut out dinosaurs sideways to make a hat! ARGH!!!! I didn't recut it out. The dinosaurs are simply sideways on the hat!

Bj in Dallas said...

make a bag out of the fabric and call it your Pistol Pete after a night at Pistol Patties :)

btw, that is the location where I learned to drink copius amounts of beer

MizAngie said...

Oh yeah - I've done that with a skirt not realizing that when I laid out the fabric one side was right side up but the other wasn't. Duh.

Activity Director said...

The bags are absolutely perfect, professional stitching and all - thanks! BTW: Your business cards are making rounds here in NE, just so you know. ;)