Friday, October 30, 2009

Compromises, Idiots, And Guns...

Life has taken an odd turn...sorta.
It's one of those things that makes think, "What the Hell did I just Agree to??"

It's hunting season here...muzzleloader.
Roy's not havin' such a good time. He lives for this time of year. I live for Cruises and Summer....and booze....and shoes.
It's that neat how all my "live for's" go good together?
I can't fit huntin' into any of that!
But yet....

Roy has decided that his gun is the reason he's havin' problems....I have to agree. It couldn't possibly be him.
It just totally bummed him out. It's done. He loves that muzzleloader. It looks like something Davy Crockett would carry. It's beautiful....I told him to hang in on the wall for decoration...he rolled his eyes and pouted.
So I told I'd buy him a new one...not this year but for next season.
You have no idea what wheels I set into motion!!
He was so happy!!
He had to brag. He told all his friends what great wife he has...or at least he said he was gettin' a new gun.

His friend's wife called me.
She was so excited!! Roy's gettin' a gun!!!
"So?" She wasn't thrilled when Roy bought that Colt or the Judge.
"Now my husband wants a new gun!" Shit!
That Idiot!!
If Roy farts juju's does that mean That Idiot should too???
"My husband said he'd take me on a cruise if I buy him a new gun!" Good. He's makin' a compromise for the first time.
But will he follow thru?
I know that Idiot well enough to know that she'll get the short end of the stick on this like EVERYTHING ELSE!!

Roy told her, "Get the Cruise First. He doesn't need the gun until next year."
Even Roy knows that Idiot won't follow thru!

She called me last night, "My husband says he can't go to Mexico without Roy."


Guess what??

This will be interestin' to see how this unfolds.


Becca said...

Too funny!

Bj in Dallas said...

i would be afraid to go out of the country with someone you call the idiot.

keep us posted :)