Monday, October 26, 2009

Bazaarly Disappointed...

Roy was right.
I was disappointed.

But I'm about as bullheaded as they come. I was determined to make a go of it. I had to try.
So I sucked it up and bought the "inspirational" fabric, made a few bags in different sizes. I took 17 in all.
I was dolled up....I looked better than the pastor's wife!
I wore the spiked spectators and the hat... was cuter than my sister. Seriously the hat was a hit. The MaryKayLady told me I was stylin'!
I greeted people. I can smooze like nobody's business.
I encouraged them to try them on....and showed them how. The MaryKayLady offered a mirror if needed.

But he was right.
I sold one bag.
He said I would sell two.
I took 4 orders....One for my sister. She wants a blanket. One for my mother. She wants the lunch sack for her makeup. A diaper bag for my ExSisterInlaw/Cousin.
Let me tell you about that. We married twin brothers.
I married EarlLee on Friday. And was her Matron of Honor on Saturday when married EddyJack.
I had EdithAnne in March. Her son was born 6 months later.
I had EudoraMae in February and her daughter was born 6 months later.
She divorced EddyJack long before I kick EarlLee's ass to the curb.
10 years ago she married her high school crush, my cousin.
Why didn't they date??? BillyRay was extremely .....I mean EXTREMELY SHY!! And was afraid to ask her out.
So now she's my cousin. He was so shy, that I had to ask her how they have sex. She blushed, "Very quietly, Silly!"

So I'm not sure what to call her she my niece or is she my cousin??? But whatever she is, she ordered a bag.

And once again Roy was right....after all my friends and family have a bag, I'll be done.

It wasn't entirely my fault.
Those ChurchPeople do not do things right.
There was no promotion for the event. It was held on THE WORST day!! It should have been held in conjunction with the event next week which is their HalloweenThing...duh!
The Church's Own Church Ladies didn't attend!! What's up with that??
But I held my tongue. I was my Granny's Church.
She came by!!
My aunt came by!! I gave her a bag...the one with JesusFish on it.
My people supported me!! My mom stayed with me all day. My sister came back and forth between soccer games.
Even the MaryKayLadies were a bit miffed. At 2, they packed up shop and the rest followed suit. I was on the road home by 2:20!!

Other reasons for my disappointment:
I shared a table with my brother. He did things like he always does things....half ass to nothing. He left.
What time??
Nobody knows.
He just left.
My niece....the one I bribed to come visit it with me while I was in town. The one that I'm the closest I thought.... Came in, saw her bag, told me that any heels over 2 inches are HookerShoes and left.
I don't think she was there 5 minutes. Thank You Very Fuckin' Much!!

But Roy didn't gloat. Nor did he say "I told you so.
It wasn't my fault.
On the way home, I was thinkin' over all the bags that I have made, and thinkin' who I can send them to for Christmas.

And I still have that damn CrossBag!!
Stupid Ass ChurchLadies!!!


Becca said...

I am so sorry it didn't go well, but I am still scoping out your bags, and if you ever make NE Patriots blanket for A, I would proudly put it on his bed at his new place he is going to be living at!

Miss Thystle said...

one crappy show is no reason to give up! Keep at it! OOh! I know! Make themed bags like one with shoes, then fill it with pedicure-stuff and sell it on ebay/etsy as as X-mas gifts! Dog themed and cat-themed would probably go over well too. Or baby ones! Like a diaper bag with a matching bib and wristlet for mom's stuff...

Don't quit!

Sherrie said...

I like Miss Thystle's idea! I think something like that would be a real hit! Also there must be some Christmas Craft Sales coming up, you can get a table at one of those. I bought a bunch of bags similar to yours one year from a woman I work with and gave them for gifts at Christmas. Also I put a couple together for a skating carnival prize table. One for a woman with a coffee mug, a sleazy romance novel and a candle in it. The other was for a little girl, with hair thing-a-mi-bobs, a archie comic book and licorce. The kids loved them, and so did the ladies!

Anyway.......GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT????? I checked the mail today and guess what was there???? YAYYYYYYYYYYY, and what a thoughtful little addition, you are so sweet, and so cool to think of me as a Betty Boop at heart. I just love you!!! They are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much :)


Katy said...

Doesn't sound like a flop to me. . . I think these things grow slowly. This doesn't sound like it was a very big show--just a test run. I'm sure you'll do some more business as it gets closer to Christmas.