Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bazaar And Cracked Up...

3 Things that happened that Cracked Up Someone... and we needed some levity.

1) As I was puttin' out my display, I hesitated over the CasinoVegas bag, turned to my sister and asked if it was too much. The PastorWife which was standin' right there, said, "no it's fine."
"Good. I did have enough sense to leave my nekkedCowboys at home."

This woman standin' at another table whipped her head around in horror!!
I'm thinkin', "Good Lord What Did I Say?"
"Well Half Nekked. I sewin' beads on them, to "Gay" them up a bit."
That...Cracked my mom up.

2) My brother was just standin' there doing nothing. And I was outta DrPepper. So I gave him some money to make a pop run. He said something, a line from a song and my mother and sister burst out sing that song.
I just shook my head. "And you people" as I motioned around at the 3 of them, "THOUGHT I was gonna embarrass you!"
And That ....Cracked up the MaryKayLady!!

3) My mother was talkin' to me about something, when I realized I was lookin' down at her.
I'm the shortest one in the family.

It's a big deal.

And becuz I'm short I know how tall some famous people are, like Bette Milder, she's 5' 2". Dolly Parton is 5' 1" and Linda Hunt is 4' 9".
Linda Hunt is on a show NCIS:LA and she walked into a room of men....she looked to be as tall as a 5 year old!!
"Honey, Do I look that short?" Roy didn't say a word....he just rolled his eyes.
But I continued, "You realized that I do not see myself as being that short and carry myself as if I'm 6' 4", don't you?"
With a giggle and big grin, he said, "YES! I Know!"

I'm 4' 11 3/4".

So here I am lookin' down at my mother....thinkin' "is she shrinkin'??"
Turn to my sister, "RubyJune!"
And I'm never quiet about anything, so everyone turns to see what I want, "Is Mom Shrinkin'?"

You would have thought I slapped my mother's face!!

And that cracked up RubyJune.


MizAngie said...

Sounds like you had fun. Nekked cowboy bags? Seriously? Where on earth did you find THAT fabric????

Miss Thystle said...

I'm the shortest one in my family and I'm 5'7 1/2"

Bj in Dallas said...

did I miss the photos of these bags??

especially the nekkid cowboy bags, no beads please :)

Katy said...

A little funny goes a long way. . .

Sherrie said...

To late on the Vegas bag and I've got the perfect person to give it to!

4'11"........you don't get on alot of rides at amusement parks do ya :P