Saturday, September 05, 2009

Suck It Up!!

My Daughter, EdithAnne is the one that pitches hissy fits and throws things around and stomps when she fired up...such a drama queen.
I have no idea where she gets it!!

I, clearly, still have all mine!!

I thought it over and I'm gonna suck it up.
And no, I'm not bi-polar....I was no.
And take my own advice.... if I can dish it out, I should be able to eat it.
I hate not having a do my peeps know when I update???
So I'm gonna open it back up.

I deleted all the posts that caused problems...well the one that lead the searches here. My posts will still cause headaches and hard feelin's. They'll get over it.
I'll feel bad for awhile but I've done it before and weathered the storms....far worse storms than people actually knowin' what I thought.
Some people will learn to deal with it and move on....they're the ones that called me apillpoppin'alcoholic!!

I deleted personal photos....even cat photos...well some.
Over 3freakin'hundred!!!

Would you like to know what lead me to this decision??
I ran a search...I highly recommend that you do that!!
Use all your Internet personalities!!!
I kid you not!!!
The one that tipped the scales was VelvetTush!!
Do you know how many people have used MY creation???

At first I was like.... pissed.
Be original!!
Can you not come up with your own name or ID?
I wish I had the money that NCAA has to jack those people up for copyright infringement!!
VelvetTush...That's mine.
I Made That UP!!!

And then I was like... flattered!
Way Cool! In came up with "Way cool Nicknames"... no votes...but still.
Wouldn't that be such an awesome Stripper name...if only I was 20.
These people think that what I created was so cool that they too want to be a VelvetTush...A Follower of the Church of the Holy Nadine!!!!

I have groupies!!!!

Sure it's a 40 yr old male but doesn't THAT make it even better....he could be a tranny!!!
Sure he has no clue to what I look like so he can be dressed up like me like those that dress like Cher or Dorothy... but still.

And some Asian girls...which I find more strange than the 40yr old male...But still.

So Fuck it....
Throw Caution To The Wind.
I'm suckin' it up.... Be Loud and Be Proud!!

Yea, I feel better.
That's all that matters....becuz it's all about me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Miz Nadine - I've missed you!

Teresa in KCMO

MizAngie said...

Yeah, there's MizAngies, too. So much for being unique.

Katy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you have your feed back. I'm like feed-dependent.

Remember when I was using moniker Teacher in Heels? Well, I had to give that one up because some very scary woman was posting some very suggestive/explicit things on the net using that moniker as well. She didn't have the blog name--I reserved it for all the major blogging sites, but still. . . too close for comfort.

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I'm glad you're back. Although I do miss the pictures. I understand totally.

Billie said...

I wondered why you closed it down. I try to only write about things that wouldn't upset anyone that read it. I presume that some folks would still be upset but I try to keep it to a minimum.

Dawn said...

I to will miss the pictures but am glad you've opened up to the masses.....
...and masses be it and move on....blogs are suppose to be fun, thought provoking, and entertaining...if you go more deeply then that into bad for you....

throughlalaslashes said...

I've never thought about the search issue till you brought it up. But have no fear!! I will miss the kitty pictures.

DavidShag said...

It is entirely possible that these people found the names independently - I had no idea how many folks there are out there until I tried locating my nephew on Facebook - He has a semi-uncommon southeast Asian surname and an anglo/celtic first name and there were 247 people with the same combo.

I am astonished at the people who report attracting unwelcome visitors. I tend not to attract visitors period. Maybe you should try moving past 'offensive to some' and go for 'offensive to all'. It seems to be working for me.