Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Receipt Incident....

So as we sat there in the waitin' room, Granny asked Grandpa if he had gotten a receipt for payin' his co-payment.
"Oh yes. It's in that folder."
He has a folder with all his meds and all his procedures documented that he takes with him to all doctors. He sees several.
So I picked up the folder to check, to ease Granny's mind. I went all thru it and didn't find a receipt.
I knew that wasn't good enough.
He KNOWS he got one.
I handed it to him to ease his mind....he didn't find it.
He handed it to Granny....she went thru it.
And didn't find it.
He shrugs, "I musta lost it when I undressed for the chest x-ray."
It's possible.
He gave me his pocket watch so it didn't fall out.
It wasn't too long after that he was called back by the nurse.
I turned to Granny, "Do you want me to go get a receipt?"
Oh yes!
She's from a time when it was VERY important to have THAT RECEIPT!!!

The receptionist had never given him one.
I tucked it in his folder.
Case closed.

When Grandpa came out and sat down....and farted....Granny jumped all over him for not gettin' a receipt.
Forget that he just farted loud enough for the ENTIRE OFFICE TO HEAR...but He Didn't Get The Friggin' Receipt!!!!!

And she's showin' her panties off to who ever might just walk in the office door!!!!!

"Be patient and drive carefully."


Tracie said...

hehe...I'm sorry! hhahaa

Lin said...

ha ha, they sound like grandparents. They're always bickering about the smallest things, it drives me insane.

Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a sitcom when I read your posts, they're hilarious!

Dawn said...

bahahahahah...to funny....

Katy said...

I'm always fussin' at my hubby about keeping receipts--how else can i keep track of our budget? I don't show my panties to the world , though.