Friday, September 18, 2009

Old Men, Manners, And Gas...

I thought that Roy was the MasterGas Blaster of All Times....I was wrong.
I guess I just forgot all about my Grandpa!
When I was a kid, he would sit in his chair with his pants undone watchin' Gunsmoke rippin' farts.
Granny and I would look at each other and giggle. "Oh Fred!"
He'd just shrug.
That's Life.

We were sittin' in the waitin' room when Grandpa comes out after the nurse was through with him. He sits down and farts!
Not those little squirts.
Not one long one was a combo of the two.... That left me wonderin' if he'd pooped his pants!!!!
It sounded wet!!!
It was like he was dumpin' his jake brake!!!

Granny and I look at each other and giggled.
"Oh Fred!"
He just shrugs.

And when we were back in the exam room after the doctor came in and the nurse did her job, we were released, Grandpa raised up from his chair and ripped off some more!!!
That time I though Granny was gonna whack him with her cane!!

It made me think of a rocket takin' off...."Fire up the Boosters for Fred's Lift Off!!"

He just shrugs.
That's Life.


MizAngie said...

Well, I guess he knows he's gonna fart one way or the other - might as well take ownership! Ha!!

Have you ever noticed that no matter how bad family members' farts smell - nonfamilial farts smell worse? I guess it's all in what you're used to. ???

Lin said...

lol, that's hilarious!