Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Ladies, Modesty, And Tick Bites...

Yesterday, I took my grandparents to Tulsa. Grandpa had an appointment to see a lung specialist.
My aunt, VioletJean, had twisted one ankle and broke the other while walkin' the dog.
My sister, RubyJune, was sick with the flu.
So I'm the BackUp QuarterBack.
Both, RubyJune and VioletJean, told me to be patient and drive I can't do either.

While my grandpa was back with the nurse doin' whatever they do behind those closed doors, Granny and I waited in the lobby. There was one other woman in there with us....Thank Goodness!!!

Granny says to me, "Have you seen my tick bite?"

Oh Lord!
Yes. I've seen it.
If I don't tell her that I've seen it, she show it to me....again.
She showed it to me 2 days earlier. She just doesn't remember it. It's a shame. She's not as sharp as she used to be.
But then again I have to be concerned about the tick bite. It's about the size of a quarter!! So I ask, "Does it look any better?"

And instantly, she lifts her dress up and shows me the tick bite on her inner thigh.

The other woman just smiles.
Not only is she showin' the whole office her panties but the tick bite is the size of a half dollar!!!
I've told VioletJune about it so she'll keep an eye on it.

Later, when it was just us two in the lobby... And I don't know why... Granny pulls up her dress again!!
OH MY Freakin' GOD!!!

She appeared to be givin' her legs an inspection!!!
"Granny." I said quietly, so the receptionist wouldn't look up.
But she continues the inspection.
So I said it a little louder, "Granny."
"What?" holdin' her dress up.
"You're showin' your panties off."
It didn't register.
"Granny, Put your dress down!"

She gave me a dirty look!!

This from the woman that ALWAYS told me, "Sister! Put your legs down! I can see your panties. Sit like a lady!"


MizAngie said...

Did she SEE the tick? Sounds more like a spider bite...

Sherrie said...

Teehee.......ya gotta love grannies!

DavidShag said...

Oh man - I hate when the senses start to go in those I love. It's funny no question, but it hurts - you know the Grannie from before would HATE her doing this. My Mom has retained her sense of decorum (so far), but on the other hand she hasn't a clue who I am.

Lin said...

oh my...he he, you're grams was just showing off the goods.

I love your playlist! I'm listening to all the songs & am totally enjoying them!