Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Final Farewell...

Hooters, Paws and Claws, This is Charlotte.
I'm sorry to inform you that we will be closin' ...FOREVER. (think about that boy from "SandLot" FOR. EEEVER.")
It's been lovely takin' care of your pets....even Winston the Westie that clawed at the run gate 'til he bled. (think about a white dog being pink.)
I will never be able to wash from my memory the time I had to stick my hand up the goat wazoo.
I will miss Dora, the heeler that brought her own sleepin' bag.
And Sparky the Pomeranian that I clipped to look like a lion....he broke free once and that cut saved his family a lot a heart ache as they found him very many lion clipped poms do you see runnin' the streets of SmallTown America???
And Dudley the Bulldog, that kissed my leg every time he came in the office.
His owner knew I had a real attachment to him so when it was time to go to DogHeaven, Dudley was taken to THEOTHEROFFICE...just like Dora and just like Sparky. Odd, I was with only one pet that I had taken care of in the 12 years of being Charlotte at the THAT TIME. Thankfully, I was spared that heartache from all the others.

But that's all over.
The HWYDept is comin' thru....and we're lockin' up shop.

That was the GoodBye I shoulda gave folks, But didn't.
That was 2 years ago.
I knew it was comin'.
I couldn't make it to the end either. I was burnt out.
I received a card in the mail the other day to announce the closin'.
TheBossMan opted not to rebuild.

I'm not sure why it bothers me like it does.
Damn Hormones.


Lin said...

I'm sorry :(

Katy said...

Wow, it's fancy around here!

Damn Hormones have got my panties in a bunch too:(

jenX said...

bummer. for a second it hought you were closing down your blog.

Billie said...

Whew, I thought you were closing down your blog and I got really sad.

I sent a response to Parent or Not? and it says that the recipient is unknown. This was the same email that I had sent to previously when you blocked your blog.

Please send me your email address so I can send a private email.

Tracie said...


Miss Thystle said...

I thought someone had died!

MizAngie said...

Because, Miss Priss, you're sensitive behind that hard-ass facade. Besides, "The End" of things that were a major part of our lives is always kinda sad, even if leaving was the right thing to do.