Thursday, September 10, 2009

Count Me In!!!

The HappyWife called me to vent.
She'd been to CheerPractice and was told that her youngest would have to quit the squad. The OneInCharge gave a song and dance about insurance liabilities and other moms wantin' their precious baby to do it too....and not every body can do it.
Sooo...The HappyBaby was out!!
She's not a stupid woman and saw thru all the bullshit.
"I want you to come to all the home games and we'll sit behind Hateful-GetOuttaTown-Mom and yell our heads off with the girls."

"I'm in! Do you want me to bring my Asp and PepperSpray?"

"I was thinkin' more along the lines of CoconutRum!"

That's my girl!


Katy said...

I think you girls have the right idea!

Bj in Dallas said...

when and where? I'll bring ice from Sonic :)

Sherrie said...

I want to start a blog im this forum but I dont' know where to start. Also I wanted to ask you if you've ever seen any celestial type material, i would sure love a tote made out of that.