Friday, September 25, 2009

Clarifin' It....

For those that are new to the Hightower you should search thru the archives "All In A Day's Work" we're all on the same page.

I worked in the PetCare Industry for 12 years.
It was fun.
It was sad.

Check it out.
Some of my best blogs came from TheClinic.
The Opossum Project is there.
Why I'm called Charlotte....or not.

My all time Favorite....Lump O'Fur.

Oh and I would change my template daily if I fact, I'm going to search for something new right now.


Devorah said...

You are absolutely right Nadine, some of the best blogs were from the clinic. I can't believe that I am sitting here at my desk trying not to cry, feeling all choked up because a vet office in Oklahoma is closing up shop, and omy has it really been two years? Does blogging make time fly or is it just that I am getting old. Bah humbug! Must be the blogging.

Grandmother Witch said...

Live link too!