Friday, August 28, 2009

The Wheels Were Turnin'....

Roy was thinkin' hard.
He likes to wait until all evidence of SuperMoodyBitch is gone before he brings up such a critical subject.
"So, Babe, the 2ndWife doesn't have to actually live with us. Right?"
Oh Hell No!!!
Another woman in my house, fuckin' with my stuff?
Well, Roy.
But not my clothes.
Or my shoes.
Or my car.
Or my cats.

"It's not like as if we want to "marry" anyone like in BigLove, just have someone that will come in and "take care of me" for 1 week. Right?"

1 Week??
I want to rip his head off 2 weeks a month....but he only wants an extra wife for 1 week??

Oh how sweet.
I must really hide my contempt well.

"And we want to agree on the woman. Right?"


I'm not havin' the GymHo come in for a week to fuck his brains out....wait..."take care of him" has to be someone I can trust not to steal my man.
Despite the fact that he drives me friggin' nuts does not mean I want to divorce him.
He is the love of my life.
The air in my lungs.
The beat of my heart.
But he drives be friggin' nuts!!!

So yes we hafta agree.

He has someone already picked out.


Becca said...

Ok, so on this on I so have no comment. My husband wouldn't even dare...but then again, I don't have to deal with that week, I am a hormonal mess all the time! ;-)

Miss Thystle said...

you and 2nd wife can share custody of Roy! He can go live with her for those two weeks.