Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wasps, Assholes, And ATV's...

You pick.

I'm not feelin' too swooft.
I'm sittin' in front of the A/C and feel like I could burst into flames.
My hair hurts.
My boobs ache.
It hurts to lay around.
It hurts to sit.
It hurts to walk.
I don't wanna be in bed.
I don't wanna be on the couch.

Roy has left the house twice.
He went for a ride.....he threw me the TV remote and shut the bedroom door.
He came home to check on me....and left again with his chainsaws.

SuperMoodyBitch cries at everything.
I'm not good company at the moment.

Flame On!!


Miss Thystle said...

if Roy really loved you, he'd throw tequila and Godiva in after the remote. Just sayin'.

MizAngie said...

Mama needs a new pair of SHOES!

Katy said...

Got my bag today--LOVE IT! Can't wait to strut my stuff at the game.

Tracie said...

Got MY bag today! Loving it!!!
Can't wait to use it!!