Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In my current state of mind....SuperMoodyBitch, Roy's either gonna die or leave me alone.

He chose to live... and loved the idea of a 2ndWife.
What man wouldn't?

The Big Love guy, Bill, has 3 wives. He rotates nights to be with each's his religion.
I think it's just a way for an oversexed man to have his way...Power to him.
But somehow God is involved.

But seriously, there's no legal paperwork involved. He just holds a commitment ceremony out by his swimmin' pool....Bill not Roy.
I'll get to Roy later....let me rant about Bill.

There's nothing legal so how can it be illegal?
What's to keep me from holdin' a commitment ceremony to Brad Pitt?
I commit to worship him forever and allow him to have sex with me when he comes knockin' on my door.
That easy.
But do I think that I'm married to him and will sue him divorce for knockin' up Angie??
And to clarify...Not MzAngie but that tall chick with the pouty lips.

So Yes He Did!!
Roy loved that idea.
A 2ndWife to have as a backup for when the 1stWife is outta commission!!
And quite frankly, I like the idea too.

I mean Really!
There are 2 weeks a month that I wished he lived in another country!

And by the way, Roy knows that commitment to Brad Pitt and is cool with it.

It could happen.


MizAngie said...

Brad Pitt's not my type anyway. I'm more of a Vince Vaughn kinda girl...

Miss Thystle said...

AND you'd have someone to share the house work with! And some to bitch about Roy to who knows EXACTLY what you're talking about. I've been advocating for a second wife for a while!

Billie said...

My husband has a second wife - his ex. It is not all that it is cracked up to be unless you are the preferred wife. And even then, I am only assuming it must be better for the preferred wife since it clearly ISN'T better for the bottom of the barrel one.

Oh wait... this is a joke and I should respond in a light-hearted way? Maybe on a different day.

Oh boy... that sounds bitter. Not meant to be because I am getting over bitter and working towards indifference.

Katy said...

Man, that is genius!